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Original buyer. Shipped from Toronto, Canada. Local pick up available.
The Real McCoy's C.P.O. Shirt -Navy color -100% Wool -Made In Japan *All fabrics and trimmings are also Made in Japan and custom produced for The Real McCoy's Purchased last winter, worn approx. 4-5 times. In excellent condition. Amazing shirt, only selling since I just bought a larger size which fits me slightly better. Size 16 Measurements available online, I will update with my measurements shortly. When it comes to military and Navy garments, it's tough to beat...
Filson x Cabourn collaboration now on Filson website. http://www.contextclothing.com/brands/filson
No, but it doesn't hurt to ask!
Marrkt was quite fast in their initial response, however, my last email has been ignored for several days. I have shipped the jacket back, unfortunately, at a cost of $60. I will get a refund, but I have not received an answer from them regarding the return shipping cost.
Marrkt have been quite good with their customer service. I am sending it back tomorrow for a refund. I'm on the hook for return shipping, but it could be worse.
Let me know if interested, jacket will be returned tomorrow! Picked this up in the Marrkt sale. Will be returning for a refund within the next day or two. A great deal, but unfortunately there was a mix-up with the sizing, and I received a size 48. Only looking to recoup my original costs, $220, willing to take a loss on the FedEx import costs. $220.00 $200 plus shipping. Actual measurements: pit-pit: "20 shoulder-shoulder: "17 sleeve: "25.5
My denim notch work jacket is definitely smaller than a size 50, probably a size 48. The label inside which indicates that it is a 'size no.2' is correct. Unfortunately, the people at Marrkt decided that it corresponded to a size 50. From my experience, Cabourn items which have both sizing tags indicate that size 2=48 and size 3=50. So, I will now have to ship the jacket back to Marrkt (at my expense) for a refund. If anyone is interested in this at my cost, $220.00, let...
Supposedly they had some issues regarding sizing. Some of the items they received had labels with the wrong size indicated. so they went off of actual chest measurements. Hopefully others will post experiences with their purchases.
I am hoping some of the other Cabourn fans will be able to help me out. I ordered the denim Notch Work Jacket-size 50 from the Marrkt sale. I have just received it today. It only has one tag which reads "Jacket/Shirt, Size No.2". The camo Notch Work Jacket I bought two years ago,which is size 50, has the same type of tag, but it is "Jacket/Shirt, Size No.3". It also has a size 50 tag. So, did Marrkt send me a size 50 or a size 48? Judging from the fit, it is definitely...
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