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I like the penny idea (and the pun). Unfortunately, these are already plain toe. I've given up on my dreams of captoes. But they do have a somewhat long/thick toe which might be part of the problem.
Thanks everyone for your responses! I contacted Allen Edmond, and they offered to take a look at them (which I really have no idea what they mean by that). Maybe they will stretch the toebox for me? If not, I'll try the local cobbler and home stretch approaches; though honestly, I'm not very hopefully. I think ultimately I just bought the wrong last. Ironically, the only shoes that have worked for me so far are cheap square-toes .... which I refuse to insult me feet...
Hi All ... I've recently made my first dress shoe purchase - a pair of Allen Edmond monk straps ("Norwich") in size 12B. I've been planning to purchase either an Alden or Allen Edmond shoe for some time now. I've actually tried shoes at a couple AE stores as well as the Alden store in DC. Unfortunately, the odd sizing restricted my choices. After trying on mostly Hampton last captoes at the Alden store, it became apparent that I was having a toe pinching problem. ...
I just started cooking regularly a couple years ago (in my 20's). Speed, cost, and healthiness were my priorities as a full-time grad student. I found a few websites to learn how to cook stir-fry and everything else opened up to me from there. I would definitely second everyone else in saying that learning some basic techniques is the best starting point. I've found the following site to be infinitely helpful. I think you can get a lot of information similar to...
...and now I should be able to PM you
Hello, I am also new to SF and cannot PM you, as this is my first post. Sorry for these unnecessary posts.
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