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Hey guys, I am selling a pair of Red Wing Heritage boots, style 9017 Beckman Chukka's in a 10D. They have never been worn and are brand new in their original box. Amazing construction, name precedes itself. They are Cigar in color which is a blend of brown and burgundy. $280 I will ship anywhere at buyers expense. Cheers Mike
I would get what you would normally wear with the regular fits, I would not size down. If you did max 1 size. I have three pairs of wings jeans and the slim fit ones doesn't affect the waist so much as the thigh and calf. Good luck
Hey guys, Bought a Gilt City Voucher for Onward Reserve at onwardreserve.com for $500 worth of merchandise. Was a bit impulse and was going to buy a Barbour jacket with it but decided that I could do without it. You won't find a better deal for Barbour jacket, but have other priorities right now. They also carry Filson bags as well, and they are restocking Filson expecting the next shipment in a couple weeks. They can also special order any Barbour jackets for you...
Also down for a Salt proxy for Tate in anything except matte black, or Alder in any color. PM me!
Nice buy!
Thanks guys. The bracelet is certainly one of the most unique parts of the watch. Best part is, because it isn't a Rolex, I don't get the added attention!! It also separates the enthusiasts as they will be the only ones commenting "nice watch."Never seen a face like that in the OyPerp. Ice blue eh. Amazing.Of the big 3 in this range, the Nautilus, Overseas and RO will certainly have their followers. I'm glad I went with my Overseas but love the others as well. Good...
Only recently found this thread. Lots of knowledge here. I browse WUS and TZ typically. Here is my timepiece. It is a VC Overseas 47040. A versatile watch that I wear nearly everyday. The bracelet is spectacular, the dial is perfect for me. Sorry I don't quite have a shot with my current getup, as many do in this thread, but I was wearing my lambskin W&H leather at the time of this photo. Hope to learn more from others here. Cheers Mike
Anything expected on glasses or optical wear anytime soon?
I am not sure if you are into suiting, probably not since you posted this q in the SW&D side, however I am sure the MC guys would agree, take the opportunity to get a suit made at one of the best, W.W Chan and Sons. http://www.wwchan.com/ You will need to do multiple fittings however it is worth it. Do your research on what details you want and you will be most impressed. Eating: countless places, can't even begin to mention them. Entertainment: haven't been there...
These are boots. Not patent leather evening wear where blemishes may be a factor. These are high quality shit kickers. They are meant to be worn, They would bother me a bit if they sat on my shelf with those blemishes. That stitching or toe wouldn't bother me after I started wearing them however. Therefore get shit kickin with em!I also topy'd my soles recently on my 1k's after about 4-5 months but this was just so they could be used with more versatility in less then...
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