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Wow, many sizes left in the Brioni tux's? If someone could proxy me a 38R if there are any left I will give a 50% proxy fee. Missed this while I was working in NYC this summer; they were at $1200 when I was there.Cheers
Bought a DR in black calf recently and felt similarly to some at first when it came out of the box. Was a bit disappointed it wasn't supple and soft as my lamb W/H prototype moto, but my expectations needed to be tempered and altered. After reading through the threads, I am very content to work this jacket in and make it my own, so it takes a life and story of its own. Should be a good work in process; the thickness of the leather is hefty but begins conforming quicker...
Looking for a TOJ0 Varsity in Navy/Black preferably (black/black may be interested) in size 48 or a 50. Fire at me if you have anything!
Anyone know when Mohawk General Store will have drops?
Will you adjust the taxes if we reside in Alberta? Ie. Just GST? Seems you auto charge PST and GST. Cheers
On their website it seems that you get an additional 10% off their "Last Pair" page. No pics, just a list of what is left.
Thanks for the heads up, grabbed a gitman shirt on the cheap.
Yeah the BLACKFRIDAY code doesn't seem to work for me either.
Anyone care to elaborate how to get onto the SuitSupply Outlet? Everytime I click the suitsupply url with outlet in it, it redirects me to the main homepage, not the outlet one.
Not sure if I'm ever going to find one on here but I'm looking for a Krane Rolland Rucksack, it can be any color. Message me if you're interested in dishing yours out.
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