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i have this but not looking to sell. they do this one fairly often so chances are something similar will show up again.
i was about to say the same... i've never been charged anything extra when i buy something online and return it in-store.
all measurements posted, sorry for the delay!
Not RRL but similar aesthetic from blue label.
generally. there's been times when the store price is higher and they will price adjust. there's also been times when the store price is lower.
how big are the differences in the real mccoy version of the deck jacket and an actual USN deck jkt? i own a pair of WWII deck pants and really love them. i wish they were a little more slim fitting though, not slim fit, but straight fit with a little tapering towards the bottom. but i cant really complain, i use them more for function on those cold winter days. i'm guessing that the real mccoy is more form fitting?
waiting for that indigo indian head l/s to hit a steeper discount...
agreed on the big yank shirt. its also on sale.
the fuq???
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