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i'm not the biggest fan of his music, but thats a great cover photo jess!my dream would be to take a photo with ghostface rocking his eagle bracelet haha
yeah i was speaking to potempkin offline and trying to figure it out but he's not sure. there were no tags on the vest or any indication of the model (if thats the right word for it?). can anyone help?
this looks like a great vest (really like the shearling accents), any one know what it's called?
is anyone interested in a lightly worn broadmoor quilted vest in a size S? i had to upsize to a M thanks to the holiday 15 lol.
this blue label cardigan has a RRL aesthetic, on sale now too.
You're in luck haha. I have beige and grey, your size. Shoot me a PM.
picasso??? thats going to be interesting.
what size are you? i bought 4-5 pairs a few years back, and have only worn 2 of them. i have 2-3 pairs new with tags sitting around somewhere. i believe they are a 32.
oh damn do we have mr landa in the house? you should post more of your IG photos here, always on point!
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