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thanks to @Dave_SFU on a smooth transaction!
thoughts on the thompson jacket? has anyone seen it in person yet?
thanks for posting the link to the pants. i'm sure you guys will attest to this if you've handled them, they look a lot better in person.
tried on a great pair of pants last week but don't see it online. sort of like a painter's pant, pinstriped blue and white with a cool pocket placement. retail $290. i'll be looking for it again when the first sale hits.
anyone interested in the j.crew norse projects skipper jkt in a M?
thanks for sharing. i like that green down parka. i actually really liked the one from this past year, but found the armpit area to be too tight. sizing up didn't work out either, i was swimming in it.
You could have just wrote this instead of everything else lol.
Nice tie J! I have the same one but have only worn it once. Fyi I'm not african american but I do own that lightning bolt jkt lol.
i think the build of the dixon (either the indian head or the black cat) is sturdier than the lightning bolt, and i do find that the dixon runs a little smaller.
+1. they definitely dont taper off at the end.
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