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i think it's the lighting as well, you can see a yellow overcast in dave's photos... he probably didnt set his white balance on his camera.
70% off day 1, 75% day 2, not sure if any left after that.
there were a bunch of these at the luxury sale.
i didnt size up. my jcrew pants size is 32 (which i think is like an actual 34?), and i got a 32 in the WB as well.
i own these. sizing is pretty spot on with your regular size, as you said. i normally wear a 32 in j.crew chinos and got a 32 in these. i've always just thrown these in the wash and then hung dry it, let me know how it turns out if you do a tumble dry.and you're right again, they do start looking like the sanforized version after wear. i've had mine for over 6 months now and the fade is very similar.
its hard to say, i range between a S and M in j.crew coats. i usually wear a S in their button ups, and a M in sweaters. i tried on a S which fit well except in the shoulders and armpitt area.i'll second that. mine is due for a waxing... do u guys get them rewaxed after every season?
for those interested in the parka, i would recommend trying it on. i know u guys are talking about a different parka, but i tried on the "falmouth" one and it was tight around the shoulders. difficult to lift my arms perpendicular to my chest. not sure if you would have the same issue with snorkel. http://www.jcrew.com/mens_category/outerwear/cotton/PRDOVR~03761/03761.jsp
hopefully! yeah in terms of denim and chinos there was a good amount, but for tops there wasnt a great selection. did u end up getting anything?
tons of low straight and bootcut denim today... a few of those black cat varsities, leathers, cord jkts, chinos. good seeing you again hoit!
anyone interested in the wallace & barnes bomber?
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