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thanks ghost!
does anyone know when this came out? http://www.ebay.com/itm/New-RRL-Ralph-Lauren-Antarctica-Expedition-mens-Cotton-Scarf-/121045881317?pt=US_Scarves_Wraps&hash=item1c2ee591e5
messaged u bud, it is but its a 28
some better photos of my pickups... most are up on the bay but if there's any interest, you know what to do for the SF discount!
sweet 'kercheif!some of my pickups from woodbury:
black friday was quite fruitful at woodbury. it was crowded but not as bad as i thought it would be. first time checking out the "PSR" store (is that what everyone is calling it?), tons of denim, chinos and pants, flannels, henleys, t's at 50% off lowest ticketed. accessories were at 30%.
i'm glad u did bobby, im a big fan of those types of vests!
this is one of my favorites i snagged at the sample sale. i dont recall it ever getting produced, anyone know? reminds me of the polo sportsman line... ten pockets, amazing!
wow! wasnt expecting the brown to darken like that!
hoit how is that wallet doing? on the fence about getting the black one, wonder if a brown will ever get released again?
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