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any smell left over from the vinegar?
To add to the confusion, some ppl have received their ground orders. Just Blaze, probably one of the biggest spenders using that code, got a ton of stuff delivered today. A lot of expensive home items.
there is some variation with the hats, but i typically wear a M. back in my college days i wore a 7 3/8 fitted if that helps.
It's better bc it's RRL lol. That was also my first thought when I saw them, looks like a pair of Keds. The SA said it's selvedge and will change color with wear and sun, something to that extent.
Not my steez but here u go
Actually, you did.
That dude Johnny5fingers actually worked at a RL store?
thanks for the clarification, makes sense. i thought the bit about RL having sales to figure out who is abusing their discount and then firing them was a little much.
didn't realize that they also made an olive colored version of the quilted overshirt, its on sale now too!
A $0.99 starting bid and $50 BIN lolI remember that story haha. Dave get back to me on PM pls!
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