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Felt the same way. The high pockets were a pain for me. Luckily blue label came out with something similar without the itchy wool.
i stand corrected RKD... i typed "RRL shirt" and it didn't show up.
i haven't seen this shirt on the website, thought i'd share.
haven't had a chance to beck read yet, what do you guys think of that cowboy graphic scarf?
not sure about the percentages of the discount, but i did hear that there will only be 2 sales a year now. the next one is in June. don't shoot the messenger!
the one on the right is dope.
i need to dig through my stuff, i either have a M or a L.
i have this but not looking to sell. they do this one fairly often so chances are something similar will show up again.
i was about to say the same... i've never been charged anything extra when i buy something online and return it in-store.
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