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generally. there's been times when the store price is higher and they will price adjust. there's also been times when the store price is lower.
how big are the differences in the real mccoy version of the deck jacket and an actual USN deck jkt? i own a pair of WWII deck pants and really love them. i wish they were a little more slim fitting though, not slim fit, but straight fit with a little tapering towards the bottom. but i cant really complain, i use them more for function on those cold winter days. i'm guessing that the real mccoy is more form fitting?
waiting for that indigo indian head l/s to hit a steeper discount...
agreed on the big yank shirt. its also on sale.
the fuq???
olive herringbone trousers are really nice. wish the chinos had a red line selvedge but for $70 something cant complain!thanks man, anytime.usually it's 70% on the first day, 75% day 2, 80% day 3 and 4. i remember a time when the last day was 85% but dont recall if that was for the luxury sale or sample sale.
Nice, they didn't have the vest by the time I got there. For those that got to me in time, thanks bc your proxy fees paid for my cab home lol.
Heading there now if anyone needs a proxy inbox me
hoping to make it later today hoit, and pics?
i remember you wanting this style for a while now... glad this is a viable option for you. the only thing i will say, since i'm guessing this is cut like the blue label version from last year... i am not a fan of the pocket placement. they sit very far apart (pocket openings are closer to the sides of the jacket) so you have to stretch your arms a little further back to put your hands into the pockets. doesnt seem like a big deal but it does get annoying.
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