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glad to help.
I bought one at the SH sale. I'll post pics when I get to my laptop.
nice. looks like a remake of the cotton varsity jacket with the buffalo leather arms, but a lot better.
For the ppl asking about the slim narrows etc from the SH sale, shoot me a PM. Who else picked these up? Really like the color and fit. The one complaint I have is they inverted the top button fly. Makes it a little more difficult to button up but other than that these are gonna see a lot of use.
they're all out of the aztec cardigan... some guy came first in line today with a few people, went straight for all the RRL and grabbed practically everything. one of the mgr's stopped him though. the employees kept changing their "policy" from only 20 items to only 10, to only things in your size. i'm sure they still got away with a good haul since they had a team. i left with a decent amount of stuff but wasn't blatant about it. the other guys tried walking to the...
None left ^
80% off $895
I'm assuming S to XXL.Soiffer Haskin pickup:
It's from last year (or even older?) and mine is tucked away. Similar cut but the lining is cotton. There's a very faint anchor logo on the chest, you can't really see it unless you're looking for it.There weren't any of the regular slim fit rigids. They did have the "east west" ones that retail at $340 (think that's the price).Just this location.
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