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great piece. i remember they had a few of those at the soiffer haskin sale a couple years back.
when did that cap come out on the top left?
double post
saw the LE brown leather panel cap today. amazing! i couldn't find it on the site, it comes in S M L i believe. olive herringbone on the bottom of the brim.
i've seen this in NY, but nice nonetheless.
I don't think it's new it had the store's tags on it. It was a size M for $350 I think.
Saw these 2 at a local 2nd hand shop. Prices were up there though. I've seen the pullover before but not the vest.
kensington if u have any vintage RL you're looking to move let me know!that '95 patchwork is great, the only thing i have against it is that the waist doesn't come in... i almost picked up one yesterday but the seller stretched out the neckline. as for the new 2014 version, i believe it restocked in all sizes.
Anyone own any RRL longbill hats? Similar to these but would be interested in seeing whatever u had.
That's kinda lazy on RRL's part to use the same patch but the jacket does look good. Got my issue of Free & Easy today! Way earlier than expected given Amazon's estimated delivery time of mid-October. Looks to be mint but haven't taken it out of the wrapping yet.
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