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i think they had some small sizes but i can't recall.the aviator hat is a M, i have a few of those.
I've seen them being sold at the Mansion and RRL stores.
Woodbury haul from last week, favorite is the quilted flight vest and aviator bag! Keeping some, the rest are up for grabs in my sig. Avocado, sorry bud but my gf is holding onto the beachcomber. I'm partial to it as well. If I see any on future visits I'll let you know.
i was looking at that belt, nice pickup!
This one is a keeper, but wanted to share... "RL Vintage" belt from the last Home Sale. I'll post flicks of last week's Woodbury haul later today.
Haha I took them making sure no one was watching. I could care less about getting asked to put away my phone but figured some of you would appreciate the flicks, so I tried to be inconspicuous about it.I didn't see any slim fits. The indigo color ones were straight legs.This is the one.
Found these at Woodbury at the Children's Polo store
Woodbury as of yesterday. Sales weren't super steep, 50% off (RRL) clothing and 30% off accessories. Sorry I wasn't able to fulfill any of the proxy requests, they either didn't have the size you needed or didn't have the item at all. I'll post my pickups next week at some point, won't be around this weekend. Btw whoever was looking for that Crocodile Dundee hat, I scored one. Only one left which sucks bc I think my gf is holding onto it lol. But definitely a great...
if anyone is looking for a Medium in that Thompson jkt, let me know. also, i am 75% sure i'll be going to Woodbury tomorrow so any other proxy requests?
is anyone interested in this at cost? size 28 also might make a trip out to woodbury this week, i know a few ppl asked for proxys...hit me up with item info and i'll see what i can do.
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