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80% off $895
I'm assuming S to XXL.Soiffer Haskin pickup:
It's from last year (or even older?) and mine is tucked away. Similar cut but the lining is cotton. There's a very faint anchor logo on the chest, you can't really see it unless you're looking for it.There weren't any of the regular slim fit rigids. They did have the "east west" ones that retail at $340 (think that's the price).Just this location.
Felt the same way. The high pockets were a pain for me. Luckily blue label came out with something similar without the itchy wool.
i stand corrected RKD... i typed "RRL shirt" and it didn't show up.
i haven't seen this shirt on the website, thought i'd share.
haven't had a chance to beck read yet, what do you guys think of that cowboy graphic scarf?
not sure about the percentages of the discount, but i did hear that there will only be 2 sales a year now. the next one is in June. don't shoot the messenger!
the one on the right is dope.
i need to dig through my stuff, i either have a M or a L.
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