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please delete this thread, a new one has been created. thank you! http://www.styleforum.net/showthread...84#post4647784
Please post any unanswered questions in this thread, thank you.   PayPal ONLY All prices include shipping and PayPal fees Shipping will be done via USPS Priority w/ Delivery Confirmation in the Continental US International buyers please contact me for adjusted pricing   RRL Kon Tiki Red Button Up, in size Small and Medium (shirt is darker in person, as photo was taken with a strong flash) Brand New w/ Tags Retail: $185 Was Asking: $130 shipped...
Quote: Originally Posted by Harbin http://www.jcrew.com/mens_feature/jc...3441/43441.jsp +1 on sweatpants hook it up harbin lmk what size u need!
for those who have the 484 selvedge denim and have worn them for a while, how much do they stretch? a SA told me they dont stretch much and to stick to my true size...i'm a true 32x30. but i've heard others saying to get the 31x30. thoughts?
Quote: Originally Posted by Kvc06 Can anyone get me a good deal on the sweatpants they have in store? I think they're $58 and "vintage fleece" PM me the link!
Quote: Originally Posted by Harbin well then you need to measure from below your ass because zac wears it like a douchebag thanks for that, gave me a good chuckle.
i'm getting around to posting APC NS, size 28 and 29 (brand new). i have to start a new thread, take pics of some add'l items, and then list them. didnt know that you have a time window on editing your thread!
Quote: Originally Posted by S. Paul Well, it looks like a couple weeks back you did bump it with a response that just said "replied to your PM's!" which is not a valid reason for bump. However, more likely is that you started this thread back in April and the time period has expired on being able to edit it. You can start a new thread and ask the Mods to delete this previous thread. What I do is use the "Quote" button on my original thread (with all...
i cant edit my original post to add new items, did i do something wrong? http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=239468
yup i think it's a j crew shirt, they tend to have those big white buttons on their chambrays
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