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i actually love the stitching on those low straights! and agreed, the fit is great on those.
YES! looked amazing, i cant pull it off haha. there was also this sweater with a cowboy riding a horse on the back... couldnt pull that off either!
true, but if you look at it the other way, if its easier to do something one way, why not stick to doing it the easier way as opposed to opting to do it another method, thats slightly harder?i think of chopsticks (yes i'm asian)... i'd much rather use a fork for 95% of the food i eat, than fumbling around with a pair of chopsticks.
they have golden browns at the NYC retail locations. i'd be willing to proxy, let me know. i think you were referring to the outlet though...i was also able to take a look at the fall catalogue in store. they're brining back that shawl with oversized ribbed collar and sleeve collars, this time in grey. a few button ups i definitely want to pick up!
if anyone needs a pair of the 484 slim jean in raw selvedge denim at practically 50% off, let me know ASAP. limited sizes left at my buddy's store. thanks for posting that! need to see these pants in person:
nice pickup on that jacket!
anything stand out at all? hard to think about Fall when the weather is close to 100 degrees!
7 at a time, unless you want to pay extra now haha.
ok, so if i have 10 items for sale, i make 10 separate listings. is there a limit? i think this makes it difficult for a seller to manage all his listings, as opposed to the old format.
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