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a RRL SA told me that one of the top designers left RRL for a more lucrative position at j crew, which is why some of their newer bags have that RRL aesthetic.
i had a press pass to see this before it came out, and i was blown away. rappaport did a great job documenting tribe's journey, especially the riff betw tip and phife. found out alot of things i didnt know too. all in all, the documentary was unbiased, told the whole story, and is a must see for hip hop heads.
not RRL, but similar aesthetic.
agreed. not sure why it didnt do well instore.
nice pickup, i've been wavering on that one.
as requested, pics of the brown RRL wallet. will most likely post in B&S when the new changes are made. love the distressed leather on the outside, but a little too bulky for me.
from one of the B&S threads regarding the new change: "In the system envisioned, you could do either. You get 15 listings, to do with as you wish. The idea is to allow sellers more choice in how they use their listings, so both your preferences can be accommodated. There is probably an uptick in usage because we are getting more visits, more visitors, and more new visitors, nearly all of whom are more comfortable with Ebay style classifieds than with "megathreads". The...
$30 for shipping?
i'll take pics of the brown wallet and post them up by the weekend!
the store on broadway
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