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been lazy as hell, but hopefully i'll get around to listing my outlet finds next week 4sale. have about 15 items, mostly slim fits in blue, some whites, and a pair of oxbloods. question - what is the "style" called for the slims that's been washed? meaning, it goes from "raw" to "one rinse" to "???"
what season is that from? havent tried it...froosh, i actually like those triangles haha
i've tried on that jacket before and wasnt a big fan of the fit. esp. if you're looking for a bomber style jacket. this one goes straight down on the sides, and is cut short.there is a blue bomber jacket out this season, someone posted photos a while back.
this is one of the items i got at woodbury... anyone know what they're called? the tag was incorrect when i bought it.
+1, got that one too. the black nylon is a nice touch. although i had to size up on it, i usually wear S and got a M in it. the S was just a little too fitted around the midsection.
dont they have black every season?
NAMOR, i posted measurements of the RRL red chambray in L
pit to pit: 24"pit to sleeve: 21"bottom of collar to bottom of shirt: 31"yoke width - 17 5/8"
its good to know i didnt miss anything the last few days haha. just got back from woodbury, polo outlet had a decent amount of RRL. alot of white slims in small ass sizes, blue slims in big ass sizes. lots of henleys M to XL, red plaid jacket XL, some tobaccos, and a few button ups but all big sizes. no one was at the RRL racks. i found a few items and will list them at some point in the coming weeks, but here they are if any one is interested. olive colored trench...
i say the right one, only bc i'm adverse to yellow.
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