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phil are u talking about the blue one? its definitely not an everyday blazer, but a nice piece for a special event.
damn i would buy that shirt, but its a "supply shirt". i had to sell my S khaki colored one bc it was too tight around the midsection.
lol are they your size?
i saw one of the SAs wearing the Colburn tweed last week, and it looked great. didnt get the chance to try it on though.
7 week bump finally! will drop prices on the majority of items soon!
still trying to sell my pair!
i think those should only be sized down 1 if any. they're not going to stretch as much as the raw denim.
haha weird. RRL equivalent would have been $185!
if you're referring to the urban slim fit, then yes. even instore its scarce. the red and navy ones have been selling quick.
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