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7 at a time, unless you want to pay extra now haha.
ok, so if i have 10 items for sale, i make 10 separate listings. is there a limit? i think this makes it difficult for a seller to manage all his listings, as opposed to the old format.
i'm glad i'm not the only one. i figured it would be much easier to list everything in one thread and not clutter up B&S.
havent been on for a few days... wanted to ask here bc i'm sure some of you are in the same situation after the SF change... for those who were listing more than one item in the B&S section, what are you doing now? i took a quick glance and it looks like you can only list one item per classified? i spent some time updating my sell thread just now and just noticed it's been archived (assuming when the SF change was made). also, can someone direct me to where in the B&S...
7/18 - NEW ITEMS ADDED & PRICE DROPS ON OLDER ITEMS - RRL, J.CREW, APC: Raw Denim, Chambrays, Button Ups & More!
if u still havent found a proxy yet, let me know!
what was the price on that jacket? nice pickup!
thanks, saved me some trouble.as far as RRL stores in NY... this is what's missing on the list.Ralph Lauren stores that carry RRL:-SoHo (109 Prince Street) - as of now, they still carry RRL but I believe all their RRL inventory will be moving back to the 379 W. Broadway store when it opensRRL-exclusive stores:-SoHo (379 West Broadway, NY) - this location is being renovated and will have strictly RRL-West Village (381-383 Bleecker Street) - this will be RRL home...
whodini, i'll send u the NYC info tomorrow unless someone gets it to you first... about to pass out. what do u guys think of the new layout? did they take out that "my posts" button? i cant seem to find it and i always click on it every time i log on. and my B&S thread looks like a mess with the new setup.
new layout... my B&S thread looks like crap with the new setup!
New Posts  All Forums: