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Quote: Originally Posted by effang i bought the ludlow blazer. fits quite nice. i have a question tho, do these blazers have shoulder pads? or are those not actually "shoulder pads". there is definitely material in the shoulder area, i'm not sure if it is for structure purpose, or what...but i'm kinda interested in taking it out... which color? i have the one in navy. and yes, there is some slight padding on the shoulders.
yea i might be wrong, but i've never seen APC raw denim go on sale instore.
7/11 PRICE DROPS - RRL Denim & Kon Tiki, J. Crew 484 Selvedge Denim & Chambrays, APC!
Quote: Originally Posted by kraands Tried on this jacket today and was surprised that it fit somewhat slim (size XS). Nice jacket, but not worth $168 in my mind. http://www.jcrew.com/mens_category/o...9589/19589.jsp i sold mine on SF for about $80, they make that one every year, wait until it goes on sale.
mikkon, i have 2 pairs of 32w in my listings, and they measure different... Slim Fit 32x30 Measurements: waist - 17.5" front rise - 10" back rise - 14.5" leg opening - 7 3/4" inseam - 31" thigh - 12" Low Straight 32x32 Measurements: waist - 17" front rise - 10.5" back rise - 14.5" leg opening - 8" inseam - 32.5" thigh - 11.5"
Quote: Originally Posted by dieselman89 I have 2 pairs of 484 and they are great. Nice fit, comfortable and look tailored. i'm getting a pair hemmed and will start wearing it in the fall. dont want my junk to be cramped during a NY summer!
Quote: Originally Posted by pimpmystyle I've ordered several shirts from landsend canvas in small, and they fit pretty well (although sleeves are a bit too long). How do jcrew slim fit shirts fit? Woudl a small in landsend canvas be comparable to a small in jcrew slim fit? Or, should I size down in jcrew slim to an xs? i dont own any shirts from landsend, but couldnt you just try them on at a j.crew store? from my experience, i get a S in...
Quote: Originally Posted by NAMOR $360 ah so it was the same price point as those low straights with the greenish tint that came out last year.
Quote: Originally Posted by kmdsimpson There's a pair of the red denim on ebay. $265 though. 33x34 (not my sale) http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...#ht_4109wt_905 geeeeez... was retail $220 or $230?
Quote: Originally Posted by gumercindo Went to the Gtown store today and picked up some mega discounted products. Two kon tiki shirts at ~$85 each (one madras like and another cotton/linen) and a pair of the sand jeans I've been waiting for. Will post pics once I get the delivery. Can't wait! Oh, and fwiw, there's a real cute girl that works at that store. Persian chick. Very helpful, sweet and pretty, to boot. please post pics of the...
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