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they do. im actually about to list a pair, 30x32. i'd say the color of the raw is very similar to the ebay link u posted. maybe a tad bit darker.
very curious to see that, now we can all live like we're on ralph's ranch with some RRL home furnishings.
lastest update for NYers, the RRL store that was slated to reopen at the west broadway location next month is being pushed back to october because of construction delays.
484 is the slimmest fit. urban slim is a tad looser.
ahhhh maybe it was the photo rakuten used, bc it looked lighter in their photos compared to yours. in your shots, the brown is darker, and looks much better!
hmmmm not feeling those boots... leather is too shiny for my taste.
i'm not disagreeing with you, i'm just sharing my opinion. but agreed, lets drop the conversation. i dont want to talk about flys anymore.
im not saying its difficult, i'm just saying its easier for a zipfly. there is a difference but i wont get into semantics.all i'm saying, like someone before me in this thread, is that when i'm drunk and i need to take a piss, i'd much rather have a zipfly than buttons. buttons mean i have to take off the belt as well
that shirt is my favorite item from kon tiki. i'm glad u posted those photos because the ones i took in my listing were with the flash on, and u can clearly see the difference. definitely agree that this shirt looks much better in person!here are my pics:
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