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as requested, pics of the brown RRL wallet. will most likely post in B&S when the new changes are made. love the distressed leather on the outside, but a little too bulky for me.
from one of the B&S threads regarding the new change: "In the system envisioned, you could do either. You get 15 listings, to do with as you wish. The idea is to allow sellers more choice in how they use their listings, so both your preferences can be accommodated. There is probably an uptick in usage because we are getting more visits, more visitors, and more new visitors, nearly all of whom are more comfortable with Ebay style classifieds than with "megathreads". The...
$30 for shipping?
i'll take pics of the brown wallet and post them up by the weekend!
the store on broadway
no problem man! glad you got them quickly.
nice, i have this in brown but have never used it. a bit too bulky for me... might list it when SF makes that "new change" in the B&S.
i'm the other way around, i thought the "grassy hills" (the green tinted pair) were only available in low straight. i have a pair in 32x32 that i've been trying to sell but no luck... according to the SA, this colorway didnt do too well instore. i dont know why, personally i have a 31x30 and love them. well, maybe bc retail was $360 haha.
nice pickup!
i actually prefer selling on SF vs eBay. i have had a few lowball offers on SF, but for the most part ppl are ready to buy when they contact you. on eBay, u have to deal with listing fees, then final value fees, and now they have some other fee on top of that. with SF, if the buyer trusts you, you can get them to send payment as a gift so there are no extraneous fees to deal with.
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