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is there RRL at all Barneys outlets?
how much did they charge u? last time i checked it was pretty expensive. curious to see the result, would u mind posting some pics?
A.P.C. Beijing Store Opening couldnt read what the "A" stood for in the 2nd photo so i did a quick google search... im sure alot of ppl know already (i didnt) but its "Atelier de Production et de Création".
finally put on my first pair of 484 slim raws today. i got it true to size (32x30), lets see how much they stretch! im pretty sure i could have squeezed into a 31x30 but my thighs and calves would have not forgiven me.
hahahaha will do!
haha well get ready for more photos soon! figured i would have time to list everything since hurricane irene is going to screw up the weekend.
weird bc the grassy hills from last year arent the same color. these are it:
i believe so. for instance, RAW goes for $220 in a RRL store, ONE RINSE for $230, and then "???" sells at $300+what is that last wash called?
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