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+1 on the broken in chinos! the navy ones are by far my favorite.
i had a pair of vikers 32x30 a few years back, and they were more loose fitting than slim. if you're looking for the same fit, i would guess the rescues would be the closest. NS would be more fitted, PS would be crazy tight IMO.
from what was posted earlier on D&S, alot of their pieces look like Abercrombie. i know there were a few nice button ups similar to the RRL aesthetic, but as a whole i wasnt that big of a fan.
fit looks good, but alot of stacks on the bottom.
ah ok, maybe outdoor adventure then... Sportsman has been around for a long time as well.
bears a resemblance to this jkt i bought last year, only RRL jkt i have in a Small, i wear a Medium usually for their outerwear.
RL Country isnt new, are u referring to Denim & Supply? Country has been around since the 90s (i think even the 80s?).
froosh, i posted measurements above!
i wouldnt say they were vanity sized, but the kon tiki shirts are 1/2" wider pit to pit than the red chambray.
measurements below!here's a question for you guys. alot of ppl are asking me for shoulder measurements, is that the same as yoke width, as per this video?http://vimeo.com/5578363RRL Red ChambrayMeasurements, Small:pit to pit: 20.5"pit to sleeve: 20"bottom of collar to bottom of shirt: 29 1/4"yoke width - 16.5"Measurements, Medium:pit to pit: 22"pit to sleeve: 20 3/4"bottom of collar to bottom of shirt: 30"yoke width - 17"might as well post measurements of the blue ones...
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