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nice pickup!
i actually prefer selling on SF vs eBay. i have had a few lowball offers on SF, but for the most part ppl are ready to buy when they contact you. on eBay, u have to deal with listing fees, then final value fees, and now they have some other fee on top of that. with SF, if the buyer trusts you, you can get them to send payment as a gift so there are no extraneous fees to deal with.
can you post a pic of the tag?
is there still a 500 message limit for your inbox? there used to be a status update (i.e. you've used 300 of your 500), cant find that anymore.
is the one that tried to scam someone for shoes?
i've seen 36S instore
or u can put it up in the B&S haha
haha thanks for that, you might be one of the few that have a music room to air them out in.
WTF is that thing, a hair piece?
dammit i have that in XS!
New Posts  All Forums: