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wet stretch?
hahaha already???
has this been posted yet? http://hypebeast.com/2011/09/j-crew-2012-springsummer-collection/
stopped by the west broadway store yesterday evening... place is all taped up but i took a peek. the renovations look crazy! theres already inventory in store, cant wait for the opening. think its in october.
took a look at the new arrivals, i'm liking these...
dang nice haul!
^^^ haha well its a good thing Fall is around the corner. i have my one wash low straights on deck.
i dont know why RRL would put out a lookbook in black and white. i know you guys have said that the fall collection is mainly blacks whites and greys, but i would still like to see some color at least.
namor thanks for not posting the actual photos on this thread.
+1 i dont remember the last time i tried on CM... i think they have a Euro cut... slim and long. prefer the j.crew fit much better.
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