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^^^ haha well its a good thing Fall is around the corner. i have my one wash low straights on deck.
i dont know why RRL would put out a lookbook in black and white. i know you guys have said that the fall collection is mainly blacks whites and greys, but i would still like to see some color at least.
namor thanks for not posting the actual photos on this thread.
+1 i dont remember the last time i tried on CM... i think they have a Euro cut... slim and long. prefer the j.crew fit much better.
the Slim Fit 33 x 32 "one rinse" is calling your name haha!
if anyone has questions please post on my B&S, dont want to clutter up this thread. thanks!
same i believe. everything i have is listed, thanks!
annnnnd... its up! took way longer than expected... let me know if these prices are fair. (but keep in mind not everything is from the outlets)
thanks man!
can someone help me out with this? what is the style called (slim fit, slim bootcut, low straight, etc.) there was no description when i bought it.
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