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i wondered the same thing. but i dont think all saturdays items go on sale. on the website, only 3 of 15 or so items are discounted. i dont think i've ever seen the oxford go on sale.
i've never seen them in slim fit either, i have a pair of the grassy hills in low straight.
even is someone is promoting their ebay store, i dont see the harm in that. you have the option to do so in your signature, so why not? besides, stu00a has posted some good info for newbies like myself.
j crew started carrying the Saturdays Surf esquina oxford shirt in red. if anyone wants it, let me know!
raw is completely untreated - $220one rinse is soaked once - $230and from what the SA told me, the ones that have been washed even more (whiskers, fading, etc.) are $300+
i cant fit into NS comfortably, wanted to know if the Rescue's stretch as much as NS?
i know it'll be obvious once someone responds, but what does PSR stand for?
yup almost exactly the same, only difference i noticed was a small pen slit (not sure what the correct term is) on the left chest pocket. let me know if u need a proxy.
yup it was at barneys.
i know a few ppl were looking for the red chambray a while back, it's on sale for $129 (from $250). they had S and M i believe. willing to do a free proxy since i will be going back later this week to get a cap. let me know!
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