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yup text me lmk what time you're heading over.
I need a Razr in NYC!Damn, that sucks. How do the other 2 collections look?
empire state sounds promising. not too sure about the cowboy or artist themes tho.
its a great mid-weight shirt, it has a hint of distressing but not much. i'll PM you some photos.
if u are between a XS and a S, i would go with a S since its a layering piece and a XS would probably be too tight. i have a S laying aroung somewhere and can send u measurements tonight/tomorrow.
saw this over the wkd, looks much better in person than the stock photo. good layering piece. it's a darker navy. havent seen the military olive one yet though.
thanks ghost!
does anyone know when this came out? http://www.ebay.com/itm/New-RRL-Ralph-Lauren-Antarctica-Expedition-mens-Cotton-Scarf-/121045881317?pt=US_Scarves_Wraps&hash=item1c2ee591e5
messaged u bud, it is but its a 28
some better photos of my pickups... most are up on the bay but if there's any interest, you know what to do for the SF discount!
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