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picasso??? thats going to be interesting.
what size are you? i bought 4-5 pairs a few years back, and have only worn 2 of them. i have 2-3 pairs new with tags sitting around somewhere. i believe they are a 32.
oh damn do we have mr landa in the house? you should post more of your IG photos here, always on point!
i was there about 2 months ago and they had nothing.
hmmm the flight vest on the uk site looks interesting.
lol i didnt know "Dave's photos" were yours, Dave_SFU!
i think it's the lighting as well, you can see a yellow overcast in dave's photos... he probably didnt set his white balance on his camera.
70% off day 1, 75% day 2, not sure if any left after that.
there were a bunch of these at the luxury sale.
i didnt size up. my jcrew pants size is 32 (which i think is like an actual 34?), and i got a 32 in the WB as well.
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