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thanks for sharing @dmagic. the beach cloth vest has got my interest.
thats what i figured, SA was trying to hype it up.
any idea on quantities? i know they're programmed to say "extremely limited" to entice you to buy, but on the UK site there's no mention that they're L.E. (so there's a chance it will make it to sale).
nice dave, how's the sizing?
Was told there's a new reversible varsity jkt. Cotton twill on one side, with an Indian patch. Other side is a wax camo print.
haha i just got back, empty.
doubt there's anything left, but i'm going to try and swing by today.
nice flick potemkin! not RRL, but i recently purchased the olive quilted RL jkt and the snap button popped off on the first snap.
the one by the RRL store on west bway? i've seen quite a few celebrities puffing away there.
has anyone else purchased the flight vest? thoughts?
New Posts  All Forums: