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i know it'll be obvious once someone responds, but what does PSR stand for?
yup almost exactly the same, only difference i noticed was a small pen slit (not sure what the correct term is) on the left chest pocket. let me know if u need a proxy.
yup it was at barneys.
i know a few ppl were looking for the red chambray a while back, it's on sale for $129 (from $250). they had S and M i believe. willing to do a free proxy since i will be going back later this week to get a cap. let me know!
damn that sucks. what sizes did they have left in the denim? i didnt bother going bc they told me it was only 34s and 40s.
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when i saw the denim and supply stuff on the macy's website, that's exactly what came to mind... very Abercrombie looking.
was going to check out woodbury today, but called ahead and all they had left were size 34 and 40 in the slim fits. ah well...
i had a pair of the buckleback chinos, although not selvedge, and they were way too big. the fit almost reminded me of wide legs.
i called woodbury and the SA told me they were men's denim, not women. but he didnt actually go and check. i was contemplating making a trip out there tomorrow, but not for fucking womens denim. in the photo u posted, i compared it to mine and couldnt tell the difference. i know someone mentioned that the pocket is smaller, can you (or anyone) post a side by side comparison?
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