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hahahaa TRUE!
i personally wouldnt buy a trade-in. to think that someone spent over a year in them, day after day, especially in the summer, is disgusting. i dont care how well they clean them.
corinne bailey rae.
i havent seen them in the soho store, but they have them at the west village location.
has anyone actually tried the W&B denim? how does it compare to j.crew 484 slims?
i believe they do as well. i've seen some of the pre-owned pairs they sell and they look like they've been to hell and back.
7 3/8", 4.5" up from the bottom
thanks for the tip!
stopped in today. you really do feel like you're going back in time and stepping into another world. amazing. as is the cute, tall, blond SA decked out in RRL head to toe. yum.
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