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its the same one posted a few pages back
i may be selling my fair isle cardigan and olive utility jacket (small) if anyone is interested. glad to hear some of your discounted orders went through.
damn i need that in a S! i have it in M but smalls sold out quick when they were instore
havent checked this thread in a few days so this may have been mentioned already, but a new APC store is opening in the west 4th area in NYC. was biking around the area and saw the store under construction.
NY'ers... http://stapledesign.com/2011/09/vintage-weekend-by-local-172/ RL and RRL
i think they're going to keep it to just icon/seasonal core items, with a few select pieces from the current collection.
just a mere $450 lol
has anyone tried this on instore? reminds me of a north face denali, wondering if this one has a roomy midsection or is more fitted?
it always looks better in their lookbooks, the photos are photoshopped and clothing is pinned from the back to flatter the model.
you might want to try on a couple pairs of 27 and 28 as well, since none of the true waist sizes are ever the same.
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