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my friend is the seller.i have it as well, great shirt.
one of the pickups from the sample sale, i like the unfinished look of the vest.
I got a few things, will post when I have some down time. Really great prices. If you're a size medium in RRL, it was heaven.
who made it to the sample sale?
haha! i started the book but haven't finished it yet.
yeah if there's nothing else wrong with it, why not? i own one piece of RRL with an upside down tag but forget which lol
it is probably a "defect/imperfection" and was sold at one of the SH luxury sales. i've seen them like that before.
i follow him... he's an actual cowboy.
Breaking these in for the Fall.
yup... i believe it was 70% off first day, 75% off the 2nd, and 80% off on the 3rd.
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