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i follow him... he's an actual cowboy.
Breaking these in for the Fall.
yup... i believe it was 70% off first day, 75% off the 2nd, and 80% off on the 3rd.
i have that shirt as well, it was 80% off at the last SH sale.
Don't remember the name of the wash. It runs more on the fitted side. More like a loose M / fitted L.
If I remember correctly there were 2 members on here looking for this Roper Jkt from a few seasons ago, size L. I finally found mine deep in a closet.
its on the website.
not RRL but i know alot of u are size S. the blue label training camp sweatshirt is now just under $49 (retail $185) with the Give In Style promo that started today. http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=60604456&origkw=training&sr=1&kw=training&parentPage=search
saw this while thrifting a few weekends ago...
just did a lot of backreading... great shots Lord Nick.
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