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speaking of outlets, they started using the new Rugby-looking labels on their blue label merch already.
+1. i got that one from the sale as well.
tried this on over the wkd, the material feels a lot better than the hoody version.
tried on the porter vest again...really like the color but found it to be slim fitting and a little long for me. also, the Lismore Deck Jacket is a replica of a blue label jkt that came out over the winter http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=43744356&cp=11588650.12138269&ab=ln_men_cs_jackets&view=99&parentPage=family
Fall 2014 Stadium Collection under blue label will have a lot of Rugby-esque pieces. Some of them are already out in stores now.
been a while!
the artist carpenter is stone-ish grey... are u referring to the bloomington carpenter? if so i have those and its a dark navy.
if you're referring to the same thing i'm thinking of, i don't think they are not RRL- or blue label-specific... they're just usually scattered in those sections in-store. i've seen "RL Vintage" pieces from abercrombie, ll bean, and banana republic to name a few.
saved for later, thanks!there's also this one, hasnt been updated in a while but some goodies.http://www.flickriver.com/groups/1155667@N24/pool/interesting/
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