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only thing i picked up from the sale... limited edition ranch coat. it's a L so it'll be going up you know where. shame they didn't have this in a S.
RRL-wise, it was the weakest luxury sale in years... this was cool tho (didn't buy it), embroidered. i believe it was $215 @ 70% off.
spotted the jacket on an IG'er i follow... he makes camera bags and rocks RRL from time to time.
this one looks dope. leather trim pockets!
RRL jkt from a few years ago, denim and belt. Blue label everything else.
another one.
i was leaning towards the first one... i'll be throwing the 2nd one up on ebay in the next few days. i received quite a few PM's about size... the majority of items made at sample sales are size medium (and size 9 for shoes). i do have some cool RRL bags as well... if anyone is interested send me a PM and i'll shoot over the ebay links.
more sample sale pickups. debating on which one to keep... leaning towards the first one. i like how they both have hidden chest pockets on both sides.
agreed!couple more items from the sample sale (NFS)...
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