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heading out to the post office tomorrow to ship a bunch of items. if anyone's interested in this at cost plus shipping, PM me. i'd rather not wait until after 1/1 to relist as i'm trying to clear stuff out.
that bomber looks great!
thanks for the info!
i couldnt find it on the site, but it was the last one at the sale. made in italy. my size 38, might need to shorten the sleeves a bit. otherwise fit is perfect.
for everyone that messaged me, all my listings are up. should be pretty easy to find. has anyone seen this in person? i like the colors.
they're usually on the fitted side, but like @notwithit said, there is still variance among the types of shirts. for instance, a flannel in a size S can have a 21" p2p, while a size S western style shirt is 20" p2p. this is based on measurements i took from yesterday's sale haul.
ended up getting a few more items from the sale... i think they took out more items bc i dont remember seeing the blazer (staying). keeping some and in the process of putting the rest on eBay.
more boxy than slim fit.
only thing i picked up from the sale... limited edition ranch coat. it's a L so it'll be going up you know where. shame they didn't have this in a S.
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