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i think $295
yup it's only a small handful though, all with that flag shield tag.
been a while.
i'm not sure if it's store-specific, i was at the Prince St store in SoHo. the RLX expedition parka, which is currently on sale for $370 online, is $185 instore.
currently additional 50% off at RL stores.
thanks for posting photos, definitely on the radar now. you mentioned they fit big right?
a little grainy, but i wore the blazer i purchased from the SH sale. also a RRL chambray and the handmade denim tie.
has anyone seen this in person yet?
SA's get commission. most of them are helpful...1 of the fairly new guys at West Broadway though, every time i've seen him he would tell me that "this item isn't going to make it to sale bc it's limited edition, it's flying off the racks..." he probably sold cars before this.
just got back from vaca, hope everyone had a great new year's. a RRL fit from a few days ago, beach weather was great but now back in the cold.
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