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thanks Harvey.more pics... the bifold is from last year or the year before. the quality is great, it's stiff and needs to be broken in. the current season's handtooled bifold pales in comparison, it feels cheaper and is flimsy. if you've handled both, would you agree?
this will be going up tomorrow night, as i found a darker wash over the weekend. it's a size M if anyone is interested. has anyone tried on any of those L.E. denim jackets yet? thoughts?
all 3 sold... but i do have this field work shirt jacket in sizes 1, 2 and 3 available
Anyone have a significant other that wears a size 1? I have a few RRL denim jkts from the sale, both selvedge and non. Will post pics when I get back.
yeah i was talking to the person at the RRL section, she priced everything for $10 to $20 bc she wanted to leave lol. shame there was only women's.
few more...
picked up a few Japanese indigo boropatch bags at the RL Home Sale, all part of the Ralph Lauren Vintage Collection that's scattered throughout RRL stores. some will be posted on you know where shortly.
yeah, it definitely looks better than the stock website photos. the cap is less waxy looking.what's up hoit! i purchased it when it came out.
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