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so... what is on everyone's wish list this coming season? the red hunting shirt jacket is #1 for me. i purchased this at Woodbury a few months ago, anyone interested in it (at cost ~$200) before i return it? (not my listing)
i wore shorts the entire time i was in costa rica, it's pretty humid there.
^^^I've seen both versions at sample sales.This was probably the best buy from the current online sale, $34 from $135.
i dont have that one, but the one from last season. i'd say it's TTS.and damn, that's a lot of RRL store closings
i'm pretty sure it's RRL, i have the same one.
Been a while! On the stationary bike at the gym and saw this on Bravo.
pretty interesting... RRL sample coat with a tag that says "property of ralph lauren library".
good god
custom chain stitching on a RRL jkt, inspired by the L.E. jkts currently on the website.
$900 is definitely out there. for a "collector" that jacket is a nice score given its age, but in the $150ish range.from experience NWT RRL denim jackets go for about $200-$300 on ebay. i got one a few months ago at the outlet for $150 (currently breaking it in), shame about the restructured pricing on RRL, i used to get them for a lot less.
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