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That is a fucking disappointment. Quilted lining would have been nice for $800.
what was retail?
the navy handknit cardigan with the big indian head on the back. someone on this thread was selling it a few years ago. if anyone has it in M, lmk.
has anyone see this in person yet?
joking lol.
Not Woodbury, from previous Soiffer Haskin sales.Dope. I plan on wearing mine with nothing underneath, I've been working out.
happy new year everyone, been a while.
shades of indigo
if anyone is interested in this at cost, DM me. too lazy to return to Woodbury. thanks.
Chaps did one like that, as did Blue Label a couple years back with suede elbows. They all look the same to me, recycled. The graphic is cool though. The material is so-so on the RRL one. The brushed cotton doesn't seem as well made as the ski boots one from Blue Label 2 winters ago, but maybe that's because of the different seasons (fall vs winter). But I'll still get it if the price is right.
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