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^^^I've seen both versions at sample sales.This was probably the best buy from the current online sale, $34 from $135.
i dont have that one, but the one from last season. i'd say it's TTS.and damn, that's a lot of RRL store closings
i'm pretty sure it's RRL, i have the same one.
Been a while! On the stationary bike at the gym and saw this on Bravo.
pretty interesting... RRL sample coat with a tag that says "property of ralph lauren library". http://www.ebay.com/itm/Ralph-Lauren-RRL-RARE-Vintage-Wool-pea-coat-/111985055376?hash=item1a12d45690:g:w3cAAOSwubRXJtev
good god
custom chain stitching on a RRL jkt, inspired by the L.E. jkts currently on the website.
$900 is definitely out there. for a "collector" that jacket is a nice score given its age, but in the $150ish range.from experience NWT RRL denim jackets go for about $200-$300 on ebay. i got one a few months ago at the outlet for $150 (currently breaking it in), shame about the restructured pricing on RRL, i used to get them for a lot less.
thanks Harvey.more pics... the bifold is from last year or the year before. the quality is great, it's stiff and needs to be broken in. the current season's handtooled bifold pales in comparison, it feels cheaper and is flimsy. if you've handled both, would you agree?
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