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Pharrell in what looks like RRL?
it'll be interesting seeing this apron hanging in store next to everything else.
thanks man, i've responded back to the first person to message me. waiting to hear back.
if anyone is a size SMALL and would like a dark blue selvedge j.crew button up FREE, pls shoot me a PM. i've grown out of it and doubt it would get much on eBay, so if you see yourself putting it to use i'd rather just give it away (provided you pay for shipping).
there's a indigo patchwork polo coming out for summer under blue label that is very reminiscent of RRL. i'll see if i can find the photo again later today.
L just under 4 3/4"W 3 3/4"D slightly over 5/8"
i have it, i'll try and get you dimensions later today. but if you're looking for slim, i don't know if this will do the trick. its not super bulky but it does have some weight to it.
@stevent nice pickup on the passport holder, i have that one. although i feel like the leather could have been better... i think there was one from a few years ago that was more expensive but better quality.
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