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I have one from last year which is basically this one but in blue. I am usually a 40R and initially tried to get the same size for the top coat but had to return it as it looked a bit snug over a suit (especially when you add any additional layers such as a sweater / etc). I had to get the sleeves shortened and the waist brought in a bit but I could not be happier.My advice to you would be to do the same, order one size up and then get it tailored.On another note, I just...
I tried this on in store here in Chicago. It's a great jacket but it is THICK even compared to most tweed jackets.
Have you browsed EpauletShop? I've ordered a few pairs from there and I have been consistently impressed with the quality of their in-house trousers.
Bang her sister
Looking to buy another bottle of Tuscan Leather. Please message me if you have one for sale! Thanks
Measurements please
Was wondering what peoples' experience was with these shoes. I've been eyeing them since their debut and now that they're rather heavily discounted, I'm really thinking of sniping a pair. I'm most likely going to wear these primarily under jeans or chinos. What do you think?
It sounds like everything is fine and this is within normal limits. The only variable is your work schedule (which I'd bet is pretty physically involved). My guess is that your natural "set-point" is around 130 lbs from a genetic standpoint. To maintain the weight, you need to maintain the level of activity = get a workout regimen going that involves lifting weights.
Hello gents, I'm on the market for a navy overcoat / topcoat in size 40R for dress. Double breast preferred.
I got an e-mail with the subject, "Your Brooks Brothers Order has been Recieved".
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