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1)NWT Longhi 100% wool jacket with suede details. Nice medium weight with a quilted lined interior. Made in Italy Retail $1795. Size 42 SOLD 40 SOLD and 46. $375<$340< 320<300< $285 shipped in CONUS Size 56EU 46 Chest: 48" Shoulder" 20.25" Length (Bottom of collar) 34.5" (Top) 36.5" Sleeve: 27" 2) NWT Longhi Brown Jacket with Suede Details. Medium weight with quilted lined interior.Made in Italy Retail $1795. Size 40 SOLD and 42....
What type of selection of Kiton suits at C21? Did they have basic patterns and most sizes?
In addition to Bonser and Mastai Ferretti, there are a couple of other brands which Daffy's occasionally carries that seem to be made by Truzzi in the same factory. However, I've noticed that there is a lot of variability in terms of quality with all these "Truzzi factory" brands. Also, I own quite a few Truzzi shirts and pretty much all of these other shirts don't have any real handwork, though I've seen some in the exact material/pattern with nice MOP buttons and...
I received my RLPL suit and it's perfect. Great deal from an excellent seller.
Had a great experience with my suit purchase from sartorialism. Excellent communication. I would highly recommend him as a seller.
PM sent on #6 RLPL Custom Fit 3 Piece 46
PM sent on Isaia garment bags
I think the point about Ebay being providing a strong service with a secure platform for transactions is valid. And as a company, particularly a public company with shareholders, their primary concern is improving sales growth, margins and profitability. However, from a sellers perspective the fees on high end clothing sales are somewhat excessive. Now if the fee "burden" were shared by buyers (who get equal benefit from the service), then that would be a different story.
I'm done with Gilt. Aside from the various dubious/deceptive practices like marking items as sold out, inflating MSRP's, and not indicating which items are "made for gilt" junk, I had my own disappointing episode. I was one of the few who were all excited to nab a couple of RLBL suits at $88 (I think that was the price) during that Gilt "secret sale". Only to be informed that the whole thing was an "inventory mistake" and there was nothing they could do about it...
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