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This happens a few times every season, but generally the items are severely underpriced. However, they sell out in minutes so most people never see them, or the price is removed and it's labeled as sold out. The best I've ever seen was a couple of years ago when they had Lobb Becketts and Vale for $95. I scored 3 pairs with an additional 10% off code Ironically, that same season they actually had an Isaia 100% cashmere navy blazer for $95, or 80% less than the...
Price reduced to $625.
Further price drops on Longhi Jackets.
Price Drop- Now only $660.
Price drops on Brioni Leather Jackets.
Beautiful shoes! It's a good thing the wingtips in UK7 are gone or I would have been very tempted.
Quote: Originally Posted by DGstyles Agree, but common sense would say that this should have been posted in "Men's Clothing", rather than in the FS forum. I have to lean in the direction that the OP may well be the seller. Actually, I'm the seller and I don't know the OP at all. But I appreciate the PSA
Price drops on Longhi jackets. Now $340 and $320
Beautiful new Sartoria Partenopea blue stripe suit size 56EU. It fits closer to a 44 US. Single breasted 2 button, dual vents. Basting thread on shoulders, sleeves, and vents. Sleeve are unfinished, with button set included.The pants have a single pleat and are unhemmed. It's made from a beautiful flannel material, with a fantastic feel. The quality and overall construction is superb. $700<$660<$625<590 shipped CONUS Measurements: Chest: 47" Shoulder:...
Added 2 NWT Brioni leather jackets
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