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Bow tie Friday. [[SPOILER]]
Other folks have recommended variants on this, but have you tried plimsolls (canvas upper, rubber soles) in a plain color? Running shoes are hideous no matter how old you are.
Long shot, but does anyone recognize the bag slung over this armed gentleman's shoulder? The apparent size and configuration look interesting. (photo by Mauricio Lima for The New York Times)
Quote: @Srynerson: I vote in favor of "sticky-ing" this thread +1
Quote: Originally Posted by Bartlebooth Haha, no, it's just odd to have two other people talk about a specific place that I know. Now when I go into the Goodwills, I'm eyeing everyone up and down: "Is he one of Us?" It's like when you start dating someone, you kinda forget for a little while that other people were there first LOL. I was out doing the do this weekend and overheard some guy boasting about bagging a Brioni at a GW. Probably an...
Quote: Originally Posted by Bartlebooth Stay outta my Goodwill. Dude, if you're on the prowl for pieces like that EB, you'll get no competition from me.
Pretty good weekend. Lots of bits and pieces, but the highlights were: * Older Burberry DB trench coat. * Zegna for Wilkes Bashford SC. Includes a label that says "Centoventimila" -- I think this refers to the fabric, but anyone know for sure?
@Hages Cord Eddie Bauer jacket that is stiff and minty! LOL. SF Goodwill flagship? If so, I saw that jacket last week but couldn't hang with the lapels. Glad that someone who cares snagged it! c
Quote: Originally Posted by JSC4President http://www.allenedmonds.com/aeonline...Id=40000000001 Good candidates for recrafting! um...really? Q: How do I know if my shoes are too beat up to be Recrafted? A: Shoes with water or salt damage, cracked or torn leather uppers, and shoes with torn or worn through linings usually cannot be Recrafted. If you are unsure if your shoes can be Recrafted, call Allen Edmonds Recrafting Consumer Service...
Quote: Originally Posted by c_bourgeois Bullshit. These are pretentious arrivistes who love to find reasons to cringe. +1 Quote: Originally Posted by c_bourgeois I personally shop only on Haight street now -10
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