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It's also a -5. You should see the prices of the original redlines
I live in Bmore and have been to that suitsupply a number of times. The best experience I had there was when they first opened and had a great associate to deal with. The last few times were horrendous. It was like I wasn't worth anybody's time. I'm 6'4 and 225 and hate buying suits. For the record I'd rather drive to Philly suitsupply for better customer support. I do MTM with a tailor down the street from me in Bmore, Christopher Schafer.
Hey Stitches, where in Bmore are you? I think I have to pop the Q in 2015 or the gf and her parents will kill me.
Don't go out and buy one expensive suit. Get some burners and get them tailored nicely. I have the same problem as you, I'm 6'4 230 and athletic so nothing really fits me super well off the rack. You may find that you'll want certain features after you get used to wearing a suit on a daily basis as well that you can have incorporated into your custom tailored threads JF
I'm in the market for a new pair of dark brown cap toes. Are the quality of these really that much better than AE? Or should I swim upstream and pay for something more?
What color is 30? Navy or black?
FWIW I own a good amount of CT shirts. I'm 6'4 230 with an athletic build and wear a 16/35. I get the slim fit and can get them taken in slightly. I also wear a 44L.
something in a 44l...i've been wanting to buy something from you for the longest but my size is never there.
Try Dobbin Custom Tailors in Columbia.
interesting...i had met with someone from pingtone awhile back. i work for datapoint...a data center in baltimore.
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