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^ Thanks for the tips guys! I ended up buying some UA 'fitted' long sleeve T's. Size M seems to be great. here's my contribution: they make custom sweaters.. I haven't tried it, but I will be ordering a sweater from them in the fall:
Hi Guys! Another short guy here.. 5'6 / 150 lbs / 39" chest / 30" waist / athletic build. Shirts, Pants, Suits -- MTM only. Looking for some help/suggestions on casual clothing. I am having a VERY tough time finding the basics. Dry fit shirts that are not too long for when I go running. Also need long sleeved ones as well. Dry fit pants for running. Cotton T shirts for the gym and casual bumming around. Need a size Md with short torso, or size Sm with wide...
Can anyone please help link it?
Thanks! The shoes was only because that's what was out when I decided to take pics of the suit fit. Next time I'll make sure to wear proper shoes, or take indoor pics.
lol definitely no roids, and not bulking either, I'm a pretty small dude @ 140lbsMy body is just weird and I have a small girly frame from the waist down. (even though I was never a swimmer)So, I'm going to take it to a tailor to have the waist taken out, the hips taken in, and see if he can do anything to help the shoulders.Thanks a lot for the recommendations everyone!I'll post back after its all done.
you guys are nuts thinking its possible. there simply not enough major muscles in the waist to increase the size while keeping lean. only solution is to get fat. Even arnold schwarzenegger had a measly 34" waist (keep in mind, he was a HUGE dude 6'2 with a 57" chest) now compare that to yourself...
good luck buddy! intermittent fasting really helped me a lot, as well as cutting out pop/juice/alcohol
Thank you both very much for the input! I appreciate it!
Hi Guys 5'6 140lbs pretty slim build Can you please critique the suit fit? I think the hips on the jacket are too wide and flare out like its meant for a lady. Also think shirt waist and chest can come in by an inch. Other than that it seems decent. Any suggestions and feedback? Thanks!
Great thread for us short poeple! Any suggestions for casual clothing? graphic t's, hoodies, gym clothes, etc.. I'm 5'5, so pretty short like most of you, but 155lbs so a bit heavier than most
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