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Quote: Originally Posted by Newo I apologize in advance for not contributing greatly to this thread but I figured I'd mention that my father was the in charge of Leica Canada for several years and this is one of his favourites cameras. No problem. I really love Leica Cameras, now playing with my M9.
BNIB LEICA D-LUX4 Safari digital camera set LIMITED EDITION Condition:BRAND NEW , FULL SET Here is a Leica D-LUX4 Safari digital camera Limited special set. It is 6000 world limitation special limited edition model. The anodized aluminum finish of Lincoln green is given to the main body of the camera, and abrasion resistance is extremely high, it firmly protects from the wound etc. , and it becomes making that can also endure longtime use. Cosmetic: like...
GEORGEUS Dsquared2 SHOES Dsquared2 Ref.110162 Velur D2 Shadow T.Mo. Suede loafers. Brown chocolate 100% Original Or Moneyback Available in size 45EU. Vintage look Beatiful and elegant brown chocolate. Paid for them Retail price of 341 euros. Price at 200 euros plus shipping, 141 euros less of what i had paid. UNWORN AND ORIGINAL BOXED BRAND NEW, UNWORN MADE IN ITALY PICS: WARRANTY TO BE 100% ORGINAL OR...
Last pair of Dsquared2 shoes, size Eu45. Cheers
Dsquared2 110162 Velur D2 Shadow Size 45EU For sale dsquared2 shoes, with 50% discount.LAST PAIR. sIZE eU45.
How about Leica cameras?? I have for sale BNIB Leica D-Lux4 Safari. Cheers
Cuffs all the way
Quote: Originally Posted by aizan if you don't mind the weaknesses of the m8/m8.2, go for it. otherwise, get an m9. Saw it already, but now my option should be a m8.2, not sure if that is one i need, cause my photoskills, are nearly 0, jejejej Thanks
Just post a BNIB Leica safari D-Lux4 LIMITED EDITION, if somebody it´s interested. Here it goes: Many thanks
I just bought a safari dlux4, but realise that must i go for the M.8. Any experiences upthere with it?? Many thanks for your help
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