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This is a really awesome piece. The construction is excellent, high quality stitching, buttons, etc. It's unfortunately a little too big in the body for me. I'd like to trade for a small if possible. I have the gray with navy cuffs but would be willing to trade for any of the colorways. Shoulders: 16.5 Pit-Pit: 19
This is rad. EG is just one of those brands that I can't pull off because I don't have enough EG and the silhouette ends up looking disproportionate and screwed up. It's such a sick brand if you have the wardrobe for it, which you do. Nice work. Quote: Originally Posted by atomicranch Showing off some of my fall haul. (Plus unveiling my mug on SF for the first time.) Woolrich Woolen Mills Cruiser Shirt blue chambray EG Herringbone Shawl...
Label Under Construction absolutely makes the best sweaters in the entire world hands down. The materials are stupidly luxurious and the cuts are very flattering on the most rail thin of body types. Cheaper/easier to track down alternatives: The Viridi-Anne - Wool shit is pure sex. This brand just keeps getting better every season. Crazy and IMHO awesome styling on some pieces but about a third to half of each collection is just really basic super high quality...
Pictures and measurements upon request but I want this gone ASAP. $120 shipped.
pmed you buddy
holler at me.
Quote: Originally Posted by Klemins Is the sizing for Varvatos Chucks the same as Regular converse? If not, what's the difference? Thanks sizing is the same
Any info on tst sizing? I also want to find the cheapest pair of mono white leather chuck his online that anyone knows of.
b. son calls it slate. I have a small if you wanna buy it.
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