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Yeah, I think you definitely said what I was trying to put into words. Would a shoulder reduction make the silhouette appear more normal on all three jackets?
Hi guys, It's been a while since I posted here, and I was hoping to get some feedback on some jacket fit pics. Normally, I'm a 16 inch shoulder, but I got some jackets that are pushing the 17 and 18 inch mark, and I was hoping to get some opinions on them. To me, the DB's shoulders are obviously too big, but I feel like the two tweed jackets fit well (although I may be mis-attributing this fit to the construction of the suits). What do you guys think? DB: Gray Tweed...
Hey all, Haven't been posting on SF in a while, and it's nice to be back. Got a lot of stuff I'm hoping to post, and hopefully I've improved (no more crazy shortness, waist suppresion, etc.) and can start to impress... Confex tweed jacket. Turbull & Asser blue shirt. Club Room knit tie. Generic blue cotton PS. Volcom Khaki chinos. Allen Edmonds loafers.
What size are you? That's honestly the most important thing. H&M is not thought of extremely highly around here, but if forced, I wouldn't mind wearing them (their 34R is about equivalent to my size). You could probably kop something on eBay and have it tailored within your budget. 100% wool is good, but poly/rayon stuff is usually bad.
The biggest mistake I did was having a poor understanding of fit/proportions. Seeing good fits on Styleforum, imagining fits in your head, and trying on a jacket in a store are all completely different things. I was on the "tighter is better" train for a long time, and it took me a while to realize what was just too tight, as opposed to what fit well. I also state misunderstanding proportions to be a big mistake of mine. As a shorter individual, it's difficult to gauge...
Buy the bigger size and tailor it. You definitely don't want to be scared to move in your jacket because you'll rip it. I've had that happen to one of the lining of my jackets back when I started out on SF, and it was just a experience. Putting some waist suppression on the jacket, shortening the sleeves, and re-cutting the pants shouldn't be a super-issue for a good tailor. The bigger question you should be asking is: will the length of the 50 jacket fit me?
Embrace the baldness?
+ infinity. Should've gotten a navy blazer/sportcoat instead of black.
Hey fellas, long time no post. Italian background, 3-roll-2. brown tweed jacket. blue OCBD. navy tie. light blue PS. silver tie bar. silver watch. british tan-colored khakis. brown single monks.
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