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Looking for Acne Oliver in black. Sz 46/48 but 48 preferably. Must be in good condition. Let me know. Thanks. PS sorry for the multiple threads but I think I got the first one created in the wrong section.
Looking for Acne Oliver in black. Sz 46/48. Sz 48 preferably. Must be in good/mint condition. Let me know. Thanks.
Still for sale?
Looking for 2012 A/W nubuck sleeved leather jacket from COS. Preferably in size 46. 48 might just work too. Let me know what you have. I have a verified PayPal account and I'll pay you a good price for the jacket. So what are you waiting for? Sell it!
What do you mean by you "handled it"?
I bought the wool parka coat and it's wonderful. I just NEED that nubuck sleeve jacket. Did anyone here buy it?
Love these boots from Viberg. I also liked the collab. they did with Norse Projects but I personally wouldn't buy that particular pair. However, the Japanese version of the Viberg "Service Boot" (pictured below) with the Vibram/Christy 4014 sole looks superior to the one they're selling in Canada, IMO. Source: Superdenim UK These, along with the Yuketen Johnson, are my pick for the best boots in 2010.
Well, being called "gay" and gays actually hitting on me must mean that I'm doing something right? PS I don't have anything against gay or lesbian people. At all.
Have any of you tried their parka for A/W? You know, their "classic" parka coat with faux fur lining.
Quote: Originally Posted by wetnose repost on streetwear - more people are familiar with apc over there.... Thanks. Will do. **Moderator, please delete this thread.**
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