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would this tie work for a wedding or is it too blue? Any thoughts?
Need your guys help on a tie for an upcoming wedding. I don't NEED a new tie but want to pick something up off the site. Was thinking about this one: Any other suggestions? FYI I will probably be wearing the Minnis midnight navy Formosa and obviously a white shirt and black bals.
Does anyone have a recommendation for a white dress shirt in one of the higher end fabrics? I want something that can be worn year round but wears light and is wrinkle resistant and am looking at the Alumo and Grandi & Rubinelli options but there are almost too many options too decide.
Some of my favorites: 1. Camoshita Black & blue mini-houndstooth sport coat 2. Calabrese 1924 Grey and cream wool pocket square, floral print 3. Gray "Gordon" thick-gauge wool cardigan, ivory with oversized basketweave pattern 4. Begg & Co Beige, grey and cream plaid lambswool & angora scarf 5. Heschung Tan suede Malko brogue boot, rubber sole
Does anyone know if the Sky Blue Oxford fabric has changed recently? The recent reviews say that is a thick oxford, whereas the shirt I received last week is very light weight for an oxford, and probably the lightest I own.
How slim is the thigh of the Monitaly jeans compared to the regular straight Big John's? I have the Big Johns in a size 31 and don't think I go any slimmer through the seat and thigh.
Here are some better pics of the navy Minnis Formosa. What do you guys think. Jacket close up:
Thanks for the help guys! The sleeves are unhemed and I folded them inside which may be causing some of the arm ripples. There is a good amount of shoulder extension and chest drape IRL, but the armholes are a little high/tight and the sleeve pitch looks a little off. Not sure sizing up is an option though. The trouser waist needs to come in about 2 inches already plus they need to be let out at the hip/thigh a little. I will try to get better pics in better light tomorrow.
Looking for opinions on this size 48 Formosa. I'm unsure about the length among other things, and it's a lot of money to drop on a suit if the fit isn't great. For reference I am a little under 5'8" but have a long torso and a muscular frame with a large drop. Edit: I apologize for the crappy iPhone picture.
+1Have called a couple times this weekend and haven't been able to reach Marc.
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