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This is my experience as well. I have the American made lightweight wool trousers from two summers ago and the tropical wool trousers from this season as well as a number of heavier weight flannels etc.. in between (probably about 6 pairs of the American made trousers total), and the newer batch of the American made trousers are much more generous throughout. Either intentionally or unintentionally, the cut was definitely changed without notice.
@NickPollica, Any info on this sport coat? http://www.ebay.com/itm/EIDOS-Mens-50R-2-Button-Blazer-Classic-Fit-Brown-Checker-Jacket-Combo-Coat-Sale-/201121977257?ssPageName=ADME%3AB%3AEOIBSA%3AUS%3A1120&nma=true&si=bWYFbOAn1%252BXbbN8dDZxHlw6%252BTys%253D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557t I couldn't really make out much about the actual color or fabric from the pictures, but I liked the hop sack blazer I got and thought this was worth a shot in the dark for...
Can anyone answer this? I need a Formosa in my life before it sells out!
Greg, How does the fit of the Formosa suit jacket compare to the Canterelli sport coats a size up? I sized up to a 50R in the Cantarelli but had to return it because the armholes were to narrow despite it being a little to loose in the chest and waist. Would a size 48R Formosa suit jacket be more forgiving in the arm holes and sleeves than the 50R Cantarelli?
@gdl203 I know there are no refunds on sale items, but can an item be exchanged for store credit if another size is not available?
Who sniped the size 48 navy birdseye formosa?
^ This@Rudals Did the jacket feel tight and restrictive under your armpits? The shoulder width looks fine and I'm guessing that this issue is caused by the armhole being to tight to accommodate the width of your upper arm and possibly also being too tight in your chest. This also would explain why it's only on the right side assuming that is your dominant arm. I could be completely off since I'm only trying to tell by looking at one picture, but this is probably one of...
Does anyone know if Bloomingdales takes phone orders? I want that hopsack blazer and my work schedule makes it impossible for me to get down to the city anymore.
I would be interested in the light grey flannel and possibly the brown pair depending on the thigh measurements. I ordered the light grey flannel and unfortunately had to return them because the thigh measurement was nowhere near what Ed had listed on the sizing chart on the site.
I'd wear it and wash it about 3-4 times before making a decision.
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