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+1Have called a couple times this weekend and haven't been able to reach Marc.
For sale is a pair of size small NWT Robinson Les Bains Mid-length "Oxford Long" swim trunks in navy jouy beach print. I purchased these from NMWA and unfortunately they were to small to work for me. More details can be seen here: http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/mid-length-oxford-long-swim-trunks-navy-jouy-beach-print-3357.html Price is $115.00>$105.00>$95.00 shipped in the US.
Do you know if they still had this jacket (the brown windowpane) or the brown check suit in a size 40R?
For sale is a beautiful brand new with tags Eidos Napoli dark brown check sport coat in US size 40R (EU 50R), which unfortunately doesn't quite work for me. The fabric is a beautiful 3 season weight 100% wool in a rich dark brown and charcoal check. The jacket is two button, fully canvased, fully lined, and dual vented. Sleeves are unfinished and can be made functional with included buttons. All tags and basting is still intact. Jacket Measurements: Shoulder-...
For sale is a beautiful brand new staple charcoal Raffaele Caruso Sartoria Parma suit in US size 40 long (EU 50 7L). Fabric is a dark grey Delfino super 150'S wool. The suit jacket is fully canvased with two buttons, dual vents and functional surgeon cuffs. Pants are flat front with split waistband and zip fly closure. This is a great staple business or interview suit with all of the typical bells and whistles characteristic of the Sartoria Parma line. Jacket...
Here's my entry. Probably should entitle this list: things I'll end up buying. Not all to be worn together...
This is my experience as well. I have the American made lightweight wool trousers from two summers ago and the tropical wool trousers from this season as well as a number of heavier weight flannels etc.. in between (probably about 6 pairs of the American made trousers total), and the newer batch of the American made trousers are much more generous throughout. Either intentionally or unintentionally, the cut was definitely changed without notice.
@NickPollica, Any info on this sport coat? http://www.ebay.com/itm/EIDOS-Mens-50R-2-Button-Blazer-Classic-Fit-Brown-Checker-Jacket-Combo-Coat-Sale-/201121977257?ssPageName=ADME%3AB%3AEOIBSA%3AUS%3A1120&nma=true&si=bWYFbOAn1%252BXbbN8dDZxHlw6%252BTys%253D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557t I couldn't really make out much about the actual color or fabric from the pictures, but I liked the hop sack blazer I got and thought this was worth a shot in the dark for...
Can anyone answer this? I need a Formosa in my life before it sells out!
Greg, How does the fit of the Formosa suit jacket compare to the Canterelli sport coats a size up? I sized up to a 50R in the Cantarelli but had to return it because the armholes were to narrow despite it being a little to loose in the chest and waist. Would a size 48R Formosa suit jacket be more forgiving in the arm holes and sleeves than the 50R Cantarelli?
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