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I have some wolverine 1000 mile boots for sale. I bought them last fall and wore them a bit, but they're just not for me. They're a bit too big for me, and overall I'm just not too crazy about them. I also live in a place where I can't wear these for most of the year, so they've just been neglected in my closet. I'm not sure what to ask for a price, my price might be outrageous for these boots (I think they're not in great shape after being neglected a bit) and I'm...
Quote: Originally Posted by JonathanHemlock I've had sandals that probably lasted 1000 miles, just sayin'. Jerusalem Cruisers?
Crane's- Thank you so much for that write up. You probably saved my boots. I just sno-sealed my boots. Worked great, but I didn't have a hair dryer, so I used the toaster oven, worked great!
I decided to go outside with my camera and take some pictures of these boots. Hope you like them. I gotta do something about the rub/wear on the tongue... pisses me off.
I just picked up a pair of these boots, and I'm loving them so far. I'm a bit paranoid about caring for them though. I got some sno-seal when I got them, and applied it to them. (I didn't do the tongues because I wasn't thinking, so I gotta do that tonight). I'm a bit confused on all the leather care products, I've read about a dozen things on caring for the leather on these boots. I read some things and after talking to a friend I picked up some montana pitch,...
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