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+1 Johnston and Murphy. You can get a pair of Meltons (their lowest price captoes) on Amazon for somewhere around $100 right now depending on your shoe size. You can always use them as rain shoes when you add a pair of AE's to the wardrobe.
I can't vouch for all, but at least some Vanguard suits are mainline and fully canvased.Vanguard used to be a mainline suit model with a trimmer fit with higher armholes than the Madison mainline. I think the Vanguard model was phased out about 3 years ago.
While it may break some cardinal rule on formality, white braces will blend in with a white shirt. Thurston makes white braces with a silver adjuster. If you don't want to stand out for wearing braces, that is one option.
This seems like a dumb request, but I figured I would pose it in case anyone know. Does anyone know where to find a decent non-iron OTR dress shirt with an 80-90 degree collar and at least a 7.5cm collar point? Backstory: I prefer having my collar points underneath the lapels, but I dislike how my rounder, wider face shape looks with spread collars greater than 100 degrees. Most of my dress shirts are ~90 degrees 7.5cm collar points from Modern Tailor and G2000 (Hong...
Agreed on avoiding worsted. I would disagree ever so slightly on the slim fit--less billowy without going to the tight end of the spectrum--as I find it generally better, though it is ultimately personal preference.Regarding dress shoes, I don't want to seem absolutist but I generally mean the black or dark brown leather oxfords, wingtips, and, to an extent, monks. I agree that a brown or burgundy monk could be great with the right pairing, but I feel like boat shoes or...
+1 on the above.What does the average Northern U student dress like? I think that the average state of dress is something to be considered, as each school has their own style.Having said that, I think OCBD are perfect shirts for the college male. OCBD and polos can easily be the backbone of a college wardrobe. That and fun t-shirts (odds are you won't wear these nearly as much once you leave college, so enjoy it while it lasts).I would avoid slacks, dress shoes, and...
I agree, I feel like it's maybe 1/2 an inch too wide from the back shoulder to shoulder. I defer to expertise as to whether cleaning up either from the sides or back will eliminate the shoulder and back issues that are there. In terms of the cuff, I'm fine with that much shirt cuff with french cuffs. Rushing purchases/alterations always leads to folly.
If anyone has comments on the viability of this jacket, I would much appreciate it. This tuxedo had waist suppression done but I'm not very happy with the fit as I rushed to have it for an event. It feels off even but I am at a loss as to how I want it done differently. The shoulder, back, and underarm just feel off. I plan to take it to another tailor, and I'm hoping it is within the realm of being correctable. Preparing the photos is the first time I've actually...
Price drop! Additional photos added to clarify.
+1 If your issue is your collar "collapses" consider putting a slight bend into your metal collar stays. Personally, medium spread with metal stays work well.I've also found my hidden button downs do a good job at keeping the upright look. Buttondowns not so much.Lastly, don't forget RS has a crew of people resetting his clothing for every scene. It is never quite the same when you go through a real day with clothing.
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