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I also have something to say about orientalism but I wont get into that
Hahahahaha gettoasty you are one funny dude. The fact that im mindlessly drunk provokes this. I've also built up hatred towards the past two weeks WAYR TWAT thread, it's been two weeks of hell. Please get real. Also, this thread is nothing but shah persian du trying to evoke a tumblr trough a clothing forum, fuck this
You can tell the whole situation is really awkward because of he insisting on his "gentlemanly" manners, I'd imagine those dudes were really creeped out over it. That part/ad in the end with that pocketsquare stuff was pure gold though. (10)
Fuck that dressing like a grownup, that's the stupidest shit I ever see. The dude even looks like a creepier version than Dr. Phil.
I ordered a pair of pants that sold out pretty quickly, didn't get a tracking number and had to hassle them a bit in order to hear what was going on. Turned out there were some trouble with updating their stock online so my order went through, but I didnt hear shit from them since five days later after mails going back and forrth. Pretty annoying, but I got a discount code from them out of it, although that was a 10% off code and I had already spent the code I got from...
Judging by their FB page it seems like they've been overrun by chinese asking all kinds of questions lately, might be the cause. Usually takes them about a day to answer my mails.
I would say go tts, I don't understand why anyone would size down on them, as they are cut to be in that certain pattern and fit in a relaxed way.
Motherload drop is up on tresbienshop if anyone's interested. Bought the suede messenger shirt and the lightning printed shirt, really looking forward to receiving them. Also have to say their collection this season is really strong, would buy every piece if I could.
True to size.
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