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I thought they might be the most elusive our legacy 70s body wash yes
wow nice looking jeans what are they
how many pics of notwithit in jeans, v-neck an boots does this forum need
If you want longer shirts, why don't you buy the OL jumbo shirts. I have one from fw 11 and it's awesome
I like to read about facebook conspiracy theories when I'm on the can
I have one in the oven now
Swedish pizza is all about that banana and curry topping
I also have something to say about orientalism but I wont get into that
Hahahahaha gettoasty you are one funny dude. The fact that im mindlessly drunk provokes this. I've also built up hatred towards the past two weeks WAYR TWAT thread, it's been two weeks of hell. Please get real. Also, this thread is nothing but shah persian du trying to evoke a tumblr trough a clothing forum, fuck this
New Posts  All Forums: