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Can't believe the leaf camo jacket is 200 euros more than it was on tresbien
I had everything I wanted in my cart at checkout, logged in to my tresbien account and everything was gone. Managed to grab the fabrick mix jacket, but the shorts were long gone in my size. Had to get them from sns. First world problems
The anniversary MA-1 fits really small, was like a shrinkwrap on me the first time I wore it. So it should fit your style perfect reedo.
Yes, I've been hit on all of my orders. Which actually is strange, because they never write the value on the packaget itself, and it is always tightly wrapped in wrappings and such. Fuck UPS !! Even had just a shoe box delivered to me once, which I believe is because of UPS opening the parcel up
Damn I'm gonna have to get both the shorts and the jacket now then
Did they have the Bomber from F/W 2011 there? If anyone did pick up that one and wants to part with it I would be interested. Size M.
why do gingers have a tendency to look kinda fat
if that is the margiela replica cwu i would be very interested
Veilance took like seven years or something to develop their first gore-tex jackets, so yeah, I guess they perform for holding out rain. Although I would never go out hiking in for example their field jacket, as it's intended for "urban wear", which means biking around all year etc. Also, the drawstring that is supposed to regulate body heat is in normal outdoors jackets found near the sternum and at waist level, which is not the case for Veilance where it is located only...
I've got the full constellation getup, feels good man. IMO the fit would have been better with the shirt untucked, drawstrings out and with some black patent loafers. Proper Our Legacy style.
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