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Wtf is this, my package from tbs is held up in customs: Jan 2, 2013 09:25 Clearance delay - Import - SKEDSMOKORSET NO Shipment requires a Commercial Invoice.
They haven't done that on the orders I've got through them
Thanks for noticing, got my order through
Tried to check out from both my laptop and phone... None has worked yet
Mine doesn't seem to work yet as well
The waistband on mine is silk lined and it has definetely stretched... I've had the pair for a year
I have the jeans in 32. At first they were a little snug in the waist, but they have stretched out a bit over time and they are perfect now. My most worn jeans and the fit is perfect. I think they measure like 32,5 inches at the waist now. I wear a 31 in most brands.
Nitty Gritty told me via mail when I asked them that they don't mark down.
Was thinking about ordering a pocket sweater, but then i saw that shipping was 49 dollars.. Don't know if they mark down either
Probably SS12 judging by the sweatshirt underneath.
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