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Anyone got a nanamica wind shirt? tts or size up one?
The nike swift tights aren't full out compression tights like 2xu etc. I have a pair of 2xu tights and the difference compared to running in normal running gear is neglible, might have reduced soreness a tiny bit
I had almost the same thing happen to me last year when I got a pair of boots, where the return form from the guy returning them to tbs were in the box still lol. Luckily no sign of wear though
Forgot to mention that the 1940's cut is supposed to be a bit slimmer, maybe a bit shorter in the body. Endclothing has measurements on all of their OL gear
Size down one in the 50's cut if you want a trimmer fit, but keep in mind that the vents are high on mostof the 50's shirt so that might end up bad depending on your height/build. I only got the splinter shirt from this season and I went tts on that one. I like the regular cut, but it is long, I belive it is like 31" in the body
Black shoes in that caseyfud fit and it would beat the most recent fits here
Reborn marks down if you ask them, their customer service is good
I am a true medium so I went with a m in it. The fit is pretty regular, a bit slimmer than OL shirts in the 1950's cut
Wearing my black heavy button collar shirt that I got from tbs now. Real nice shirt, not that heavy though, plus it's a bit on the long side in the body and sleeve length. The cut is nice and relaxed
I ordered from antic boutic this fall and I was hit so hard with customs, like 40% of the original price
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