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The best undergarment I've ever worn is the ones used by the Norwegian Army. It's basically some kind of mesh shirt made of wool, which does the job of wicking sweat and warming up cold air between the layers better than anything I've tried. Can be worn under anything. It's not cashmere though Really the best undergarment for any condition you can buy.
It seems like the problem lies within the issue of you stopping every hour of your rides to eat and stretch. Seriously, no one does that on longer base mile rides. If you gotta eat, do it on your bike. For what it's worth, I've done riding in below 0 degree celsius, and a windproof jacket, merino baselayer and tights kept me warm throughout.
Quote: Originally Posted by Phiberglass Very nice! Details on boots? Thanks! Found them on my grandparents attic. Probably from the 50s or so, very steezy indeed.
Quote: Originally Posted by slack tide Those jeans are pretty tight even by my standards. Are they uncomfortable like that? Nah, just soaked them, so they have shrunk a little. Been hitting the gym more intensively sine I bought them as well. BTW, I like your jacket, but the hat and sneakers throw it off imo.
Going out to kop frozen pizzas.
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 I like it. Have you looked at Barbour x Tokito ? I have now, might reconsider that one.. It is on sale though at ssense though, if anyone is interested.
Quote: Originally Posted by irbe Can anybody comment on the Black Fisherman Zip Cardigan? Is it a heavy knit? How verstile is it? Thanks It is quite heavy, about the same weight as the Stark, I reckon. I normally just use with a t-shirt and shirt under a jacket, but could probably be used alone as a jacket as well.
Haha, I'll sell it already!!
Quote: Originally Posted by luftvier Don't ruin that suit but having your grandma try and narrow them. Keep the suit as is and just sell it to recoup your loss. I'll try. Now, if I want to wear it as an orphan jacket, what pants should I pair it with? Checkered?
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