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Quote: Originally Posted by irbe Can anybody comment on the Black Fisherman Zip Cardigan? Is it a heavy knit? How verstile is it? Thanks It is quite heavy, about the same weight as the Stark, I reckon. I normally just use with a t-shirt and shirt under a jacket, but could probably be used alone as a jacket as well.
Haha, I'll sell it already!!
Quote: Originally Posted by luftvier Don't ruin that suit but having your grandma try and narrow them. Keep the suit as is and just sell it to recoup your loss. I'll try. Now, if I want to wear it as an orphan jacket, what pants should I pair it with? Checkered?
Alright, being a student and all, I handed it over to my grand mother today. She said pretty much what you all have said, but she will giving it a try. Definetely keeping my fingers crossed on this one, or else I'm off to H&M or Zara to score some cheap suit for the occasional christmas party. Thanks for all your sound advice, been much appreciated.
Usually get one every once in a while when I walk into some stores selling more pricey stuff. Do also get some from my firends, but only when drunk.
Also, would it look ridicilous to pair the jacket up with some coloured checkered pants to add flair? Thinking a shirt, v-neck, maybe a tie under it.
Thanks guys, guess I could move it on or simply suck it up and wear it. Luftvier: Your suit looks great, but as it is a DB jacket, you don't notice the high rise pants, which would be all too noticeable in this suit. I might not have mentioned it, but I'm either going to use this as a go-to suit for christmas parties with friends and family, or simply a suit to wear when going out for binge christmas parties which recuires a suit with collegues from work or get-togethers...
I'm a pretty young guy, 20 years old. I do not want an old man's pants. I've pretty much settled on getting new pants, though I think it is going to be quite hard to find pants in a quality to match the suit jacket The jacket is not really a sack jacket, I find it to be quite slim and well fitting actually, but it is a quite short jacket, so I would like some advice on what kind of "rise" I have to pick on my new pants. I'm based in Norway if that would be any help...
Hi, I just bought this seemingly vintage Brooks Brothers suit off eBay to kick around during christmas etc. The problem is, upon receiving it and trying it on, the pants were ridicilously large around my thighs and legs. There's also a lot of excess material in the seat. Now I want these pants to be more slim fitting, can a tailor do something to tailor these pants down to a pair of slim looking pants at a resonable price, or should I buy new ones? The suit is in...
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