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Haha, the whole dressing room was fucked up.. Almost no lighting and this ridicilous mirror. Had to adjust up the colours to even see some colour, still good to see my pbj 007 are dark as night though.
So today I went out to buy rum, but stopped by HM and found their mirror dirty.
Yeah, the thing is I really like the fit and all, but the leg opening is a bit too wide to my liking. Maybe I should just wait and see what happens with account to stretching in the thigs and all so the proportions don't look off before the eventual wash. Did also get drunk in them last night and ended up spilling shitty burgerking sauce on some places
Thinking about taperin the legs of my 007s; anyone done this?
It does suck, but this one is going out from CA to Norway, so shouldn't take that long... Noisance
WTF is going on with USPS? Tracking has been saying acceptance since friday, still no movement. Going crazy waitin' for my pbjs over here, going to outsteez everyone in this town like I'm gonna be in a whole nother galaxy.
Does this apply to packages going out of the US as well?
I was thinking the mesh shirt as the only baselayer with a windproof jacket over that, or even a longsleeved jersey with windproofing in the front. However, the Brynje and Aclima stuff is so versatile that it could be used in any weather and layered with anything, really. I know the outerlayer you are talking about as well, and I agree in that it would be pretty decent, but the problem would be to make it fit as tight as possible (and lack of pockets in the back) to...
I believe what you are referring to is the Brynje Arctic Zip Polo which indeed is an merino outer and a mesh inner. Didn't know that it was completely synthetic, thank's for the heads up to that. I do have that garment as well, but I wouldn't use that for cycling, as it simply would be too warm. Solely wearing the mesh shirt would be the ultimate, in my experience, as it fits tighter and from what I have experienced wicks moisture better. The mesh undershirts supplied to...
Quote: Originally Posted by dah328 It says that it's made of polypropylene. I think it's some sort of wool mixed with a material I don't remember the name of to make it flame resistant. Anyway, it's the shit. Wore it on a ski march that lasted for five days straight, kept me perfectly tempered all the way. Nothing but that under gore-tex outer, plus backpack and winter camo.The good thing about it that it doesn't become cold or wet when you...
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