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I like how people on a certain Norwegian sub-fashion forum is constantly going on about prep always being right, and how dressing in a "classic" way is magically making them superior to all human beings, when all of the pics in their WAYT is a bunch of waifish teenage boys wearing a tie and a buttondown under a v-neck. Seriously, only reading the word "prep" makes me want to womit up my intestines now.
Bought from sellers jwkicks and Case?, all good.
I got an Ervell blazer for 110$ off B&S. I would say that is a pretty good blazer for going out, but I haven't heard too much bad things about blazers from Zara either.
Quote: Originally Posted by Lel ToJ is very well cut but not super slim, have you checked the sizing chart? Have to say I'm in a bulk phase now though, but I'm thinking a 49 would probably be a good fit with a t-shirt, maybe a sweater underneath, Don't know how such a getup is practical for Norwegian weather though, as it doesn't fit the seasons all that well I think. It's so bad ass though Also, what in the world is up with USPS's...
Yeah, that's what I thought as well. Somehow I've been lusting like crazy for leather jackets lately, never really had the urge for one earlier
I'm thinking I need a TOJ Double Rider badly, but I'm not sure if it would fit my body type at 5"9, 170 lbs
Was looking for feedback on the sweater, not my feet, thanks.
Not strictly WAYTT, but I got this knit which used to belong to my dad. Was a bit too big for me, so i shrinked in the washing machine and now it fits almost perfect. What do you think?
Damn, those look good. How long have you been wearing them?
Quote: Originally Posted by IIIrd Icon ^^see what i mean, afc45 Hehe, nahh.. I'm keeping them, they've grown to me They look amazing when cuffed and stacked upon my boots
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