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Would take it off your hands if it is a 48
Somebody please sell me their DR if they're buying the 2011 one
What's a good beginner's whiskey? Thinking Scottish.
The blog?
I like how people on a certain Norwegian sub-fashion forum is constantly going on about prep always being right, and how dressing in a "classic" way is magically making them superior to all human beings, when all of the pics in their WAYT is a bunch of waifish teenage boys wearing a tie and a buttondown under a v-neck. Seriously, only reading the word "prep" makes me want to womit up my intestines now.
Bought from sellers jwkicks and Case?, all good.
I got an Ervell blazer for 110$ off B&S. I would say that is a pretty good blazer for going out, but I haven't heard too much bad things about blazers from Zara either.
Quote: Originally Posted by Lel ToJ is very well cut but not super slim, have you checked the sizing chart? Have to say I'm in a bulk phase now though, but I'm thinking a 49 would probably be a good fit with a t-shirt, maybe a sweater underneath, Don't know how such a getup is practical for Norwegian weather though, as it doesn't fit the seasons all that well I think. It's so bad ass though Also, what in the world is up with USPS's...
Yeah, that's what I thought as well. Somehow I've been lusting like crazy for leather jackets lately, never really had the urge for one earlier
I'm thinking I need a TOJ Double Rider badly, but I'm not sure if it would fit my body type at 5"9, 170 lbs
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