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What's the concensus on wearing the leathers in the rain?
What is a cockbib and where can I get one?
Picking my 007s up from the tailor tomorrow, couldn't live with the bootcut feeling anymore.
I guess I have to bulk up my shoulders even more; my shoulders hit the edge of the shoulder, but the "shoulder line" or whatever it's called is sticking out on my DR in 49. Fits OK every other place, although the waist is a little too big. Link to pic:
Quote: Originally Posted by mreggen Same situation with these jackets in Norway fwiw. I guess fashion trends is pretty close across metropolitan areas in Scandinavia. Yeah, what is up with this prep wave all of the sudden. All I see is people in coats wearing a fucking tie with v-neck and buttonup to uni/school or whatever. Liddesdales are also prominent around Oslo I hear.
I want the KVA long inseam pants so badly now, great stuff the last pages.
Club collars are cool, good buy.
Synth has got me looking into drapey stuff as well, love his stuff.
Quote: Originally Posted by artishard116 afc- toj looks too big. Nice avatar by the way, love his stuff. Baroness rules. Thanks, it's not really too big, I just usually wear it with a sweater underneath. The avatar is the album art for Kvelertak, you should check them out. They rock in so many ways one should not think were possible
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