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I want the KVA long inseam pants so badly now, great stuff the last pages.
Club collars are cool, good buy.
Synth has got me looking into drapey stuff as well, love his stuff.
Quote: Originally Posted by artishard116 afc- toj looks too big. Nice avatar by the way, love his stuff. Baroness rules. Thanks, it's not really too big, I just usually wear it with a sweater underneath. The avatar is the album art for Kvelertak, you should check them out. They rock in so many ways one should not think were possible
A girl said she got Batman associations from my DR today. Awwww yeah
Nothing but good things to say about seller robertorex, excellent communication.
Quote: Originally Posted by snowmanxl shoes as in boots or shoes as in sneakers? Sneakers mainly, but boots are ok if you have any suggestion there.
What shoes to wear with a black DR? I have a pair of beat up Adidas nizzas that probably will look ok, but need a second pair.
Dubstep is so fucking awesome when drunk. Hooked up with some girl wearing Junya tonight, really rare over here. That is all.
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