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Where's a good sea green/light blue-ish buttondown to cop?
Where can I find a decent light buttondown in a very light blue/sea green-ish colour?
Really nicely pulled off @ waffle. What is the shirt?
English linguistics tree analysis, y u not be easy
Bows, PinkPantser and snake are killing it. That leather looks so good
Some ski jumpers from the Norwegian National Team lift at the same gym as me, whereas on saturday, I saw this super skinny guy at probably 125 lbs squat 265 lbs with some amazing explosivity in the top half of the lift. Blows my mind how they can be so strong.
Regarding priority mail, all of my international packages sent from the US have been without tracking within the US, just the usual note of it leaving the country etc. The thing is, once it's received by Norwegian customs, it's fully trackable within the country. So there.
What's the concensus on wearing the leathers in the rain?
What is a cockbib and where can I get one?
Picking my 007s up from the tailor tomorrow, couldn't live with the bootcut feeling anymore.
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