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I was looking for a day to day winter boot that would at the same time look good and at least perform adequately in snow, WIth the sole that is currently on the boots, only the looks requirement is fulfilled. I have hiking boots for hiking, but they are too clunky to wear every day with jeans etc. So I guess the only utility I was looking for was to be able to walk in snowy conditions, and at the same time keep me adequately warm, which I don't think the shoes are making...
Weekday is riddled with crap anyway. The store smells funny and every piece of clothing there somehow has a crusty feel. Only the Cheap Monday jeans are bare ok.
Do you really think every customer that comes into the store in search for a winter boot has researched every single boot in the store down to such details as type of sole, what conditions the sole excels in and soforth. Probably does happen with sf customer types, but not regular customers.
I've contacted the store where I've got them about a refund. Don't know if I'll get one since I've worn them a bit up until now, though.. Although, as they don't really fulfill their intent, which is a winter boot that should in theory handle winter conditions, I might refer to Norwegian law for customers (kjøpsloven) and see if I can get anywhere with that. Didn't hear a word about the shoes being lethal when I got them either.Have to say the boots are quality in...
I'm thinking of taking them back to the store. The shoes are a fucking health hazard.
Bumping this one. Wish I read this thread before I bought my pair, jesus christ is it even possible to make a sole that performs this bad on snow and ice. My intention with buying these was to relieve my leather soled shoes in snowy conditions and I might just wear the leather soled ones instead now.
wish there was a neg rep button
If you had to pay 25% VAT, plus tax and fedex/dhl/ups handling duties on top of that you'd be asking sellers to mark down too
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