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Really looking forward to season two of it, such a great show. Makes me want to go to New York
Yeah, thinking I might do the same
From Oasis. Damn, it is long though.
What are the pants?
Just got back to taking Jack3d pre-workout. Really helps during finals preparations as I'm into now, amazing energy during the workout and better focus during reading as well. Only downside is getting a bit sleepy and weary throughout the evening.
Had a sudden threak of creativism last night. Things I would like to see TOJ to do: Leather sleeved denim jacket Some sort of shower proof jacket ala Nigel Cabourn As was mentioned earlier on, minimalist DR in some sort of canvas or techy material Down vest?
Just saw Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire, could swear Mad Eye Moody was wearing a Prorsum under that coat like goddamn
Trying a linguistics related theme lol, my earlier attempts have been so bad. Onset/Nucleus/Coda Nucleus Onset/Nucleus Nucleus/Coda
Greates Leather Alive
After Hours Rogue Korea Or just TOJ / Drew Keith or something.
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