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That is pretty rad tho
Finally decided with navy MA-1, gonna be so swaggy level 13 000 swag son
I just don't get how people get to that state, I mean, when I am working manual labour shuffling formwork and stuff I look like Hedi Slimane on some more crack, I mean how is that even.. I don't know
Cabourn Aircraft Jacket or TOJ Ma-1.. Decisions, decisions
Ya, that's why I put it up here
http://cgi.ebay.com/Buttero-Mens-Bla...#ht_992wt_1139 Instacop if those are legit
wtf you should never have shaved man, that beard was swag level 9000
One tree hill (the tv show), and a shitty roommate who stole one of my USED boxer shorts.
What is going to be the most versatile colour for the MA-1? Can't decide between black or navy.
Saw a copy of Esquire's Handbook in Style at a store today and I died a little inside.
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