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Quote: Originally Posted by NaTionS Any options besides Topman/Zara for suede derbies, oxfords or desert boots in grey or navy under $200? Zara derbies aren't bad.. After some wear, five or six times, and some polish they look good. Definetely not durable if you use them a lot, but good enough if you use them for a few times a year. Not bad leather is a definite plus.
Ya, pretty much. Poor income states = reflects on anything social service or obesity related. Not saying colabear is on food stamps, but US medicaid is even only covering about 40% residents, which is pretty bad considering other western countries. Only hoping the Obama Medicaid will go through though, will probably leave more room for other social policies to follow in a more socialist state of mind.
Ya you should kop Lotus
Olive is good for pants or field wear stuff. Navy is blazer or outerwear material. Combine the two and you have some serious level.
Probably not the right place, but why would you cop BoO if buttons keep falling off etc. I mean, I haven't even experienced buttons falling off, wouldn't even tolerate loose seams off something like a +100 $ oxford
That is pretty rad tho
Finally decided with navy MA-1, gonna be so swaggy level 13 000 swag son
I just don't get how people get to that state, I mean, when I am working manual labour shuffling formwork and stuff I look like Hedi Slimane on some more crack, I mean how is that even.. I don't know
Cabourn Aircraft Jacket or TOJ Ma-1.. Decisions, decisions
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