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It's å shirt and you have legs, what comments were you expecting
I've found Filippa K buttondowns to be surprisingly good. Not that expensive either-
What is the deal with Vibskov, is it like Junya where you have to have a lot of Junya to make it look good or what. Thinking about the reversible Thermo jacket from Vibskov in particular, too lazy to include pic .
Was thinking it's between the glasses or a TOJ Moto
Notwithit: Don't think your tee is working well with the DR. Jacket looks good.
What is it with this season, I keep going through sales and stuff but every time I'm left all unimpressed with nothing impressing or interesting to be seen anywhere.
Nice, Stazy. Was thinking about picking that one up
Ardbeg is a good cop, nice
Ja, det ser ut til at det går inflasjon i skandinaver her
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