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Vermaelen was outstanding, Frimpong pretty much had a good game with his contribution in attack, although terrible on the other end. Can't help but feeling depressed with the games we are facing now, it's time to spend some fucking money Arsène. If not, I feel like this definetely might be his last season as manager.
Demolishes the scales
Both of my grandmothers know how to knit, should I show them a pattern from teh interwebz to model after? I'm guessing they need something pretty detailed or wat
Good times.
I'm surprised no one has picked that up yet.
I want to know what this careless living is about
God damn this: http://www.diskusjon.no/index.php?showtopic=916788&st=1140 thread should be in the punchable faces over at sufu
YES YES YES Damn, this is gonna ruin my budget
Nah he has a point
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