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I got a brand new pair for 260 shipped at B&S, but apparently New Zealand post is run by a pack of snails as its been two weeks and the parcel hasn't even entered the country yet.
Would like to buy your Common Projects sneakers in size 42. Preferrably white in colour and the models as listed in the title. Cheers!
Yeah, regarding the AS footwear I have a pair of distressed oxfords that actually is really decent shoes once worn in. Wore them to a Dillon Francis gig one night and that made them super soft, sole is tough too, stepped/hopped on tons of glass and it's still going strong. I also bought some sneakers which I thought looked like Carpe Diem sneakers or whatever, which were kind of a let down though, but again the quality in leather isn't bad compared to the price I paid for...
Bought a new pair of canvas tournament highs for 69 euros. I hope they will last nights filled with voyeurism and drunkenness.
I consider him most likely to be used as a sub, maybe as a super sub for later parts of the game, but I have been hearing reports of him being an undervalued player, used in wrong positions at Chelsea etc. so could be interesting to follow him throughout the season.
I don't see why you won't go with black if you're using that much blue, otherwise just make sure to wear black shoes; Ervell style. FWIW I use a lot of blues, and whenever I'm wearing my Kimmel varsity with blue body I just use a white tee.
I also feel like this couldn't be stressed enough. Another 18 year old dressed up in #menswear is exactly what this place needs
Vermaelen and Sagna are not starting. Don't know if I can bear watching this match
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