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Bought a new pair of canvas tournament highs for 69 euros. I hope they will last nights filled with voyeurism and drunkenness.
I consider him most likely to be used as a sub, maybe as a super sub for later parts of the game, but I have been hearing reports of him being an undervalued player, used in wrong positions at Chelsea etc. so could be interesting to follow him throughout the season.
I don't see why you won't go with black if you're using that much blue, otherwise just make sure to wear black shoes; Ervell style. FWIW I use a lot of blues, and whenever I'm wearing my Kimmel varsity with blue body I just use a white tee.
I also feel like this couldn't be stressed enough. Another 18 year old dressed up in #menswear is exactly what this place needs
Vermaelen and Sagna are not starting. Don't know if I can bear watching this match
Ah what a delight, the win felt absolutely amazing.
Sleeves are mega tight, buttons are plastic. but overall I like the fit of mine actually. They're good if you are getting them on a deep discount.
Hmm, you could be right about that one, it was just my initial reaction really, haven't studied the situation in detail.
Yeah, although it was clear pretty early that he was too much into the game, not really able to control himself with late tackles everywhere. Also, Koscielny's injury couldn't have come at a worse time, now we really have to intensify getting a decent premier league level central defender and even a new left back IMO. It was a shame about both goals as I feel they both were offside, but that's what happens sometimes.I don't think Liverpool was playing well at all anyway,...
New Posts  All Forums: