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Yeah, regarding the AS footwear I have a pair of distressed oxfords that actually is really decent shoes once worn in. Wore them to a Dillon Francis gig one night and that made them super soft, sole is tough too, stepped/hopped on tons of glass and it's still going strong. I also bought some sneakers which I thought looked like Carpe Diem sneakers or whatever, which were kind of a let down though, but again the quality in leather isn't bad compared to the price I paid for...
Bought a new pair of canvas tournament highs for 69 euros. I hope they will last nights filled with voyeurism and drunkenness.
I consider him most likely to be used as a sub, maybe as a super sub for later parts of the game, but I have been hearing reports of him being an undervalued player, used in wrong positions at Chelsea etc. so could be interesting to follow him throughout the season.
I don't see why you won't go with black if you're using that much blue, otherwise just make sure to wear black shoes; Ervell style. FWIW I use a lot of blues, and whenever I'm wearing my Kimmel varsity with blue body I just use a white tee.
I also feel like this couldn't be stressed enough. Another 18 year old dressed up in #menswear is exactly what this place needs
Vermaelen and Sagna are not starting. Don't know if I can bear watching this match
Ah what a delight, the win felt absolutely amazing.
Sleeves are mega tight, buttons are plastic. but overall I like the fit of mine actually. They're good if you are getting them on a deep discount.
Hmm, you could be right about that one, it was just my initial reaction really, haven't studied the situation in detail.
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